Jayden Alb Leul


(Any and all artwork featured is original and done by my hand.)

Who Am I...

White Demon of the West

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Also Irrelevant

My Story Is...

What do you do when you are staring into the face of the monster who failed to kill you as an infant, but succeeded in making you and your sister orphans? You follow and learn. You learn from him to survive, and that not all monsters are bad, and that a butchers best cuts are not always animals.

You learn the world is not what it seems, the angels should be demons and the demons should be angels, and there is no such thing as someone who doesnt want to use you for something. People seen as protectors are really the monsters, and the monsters are really the protectors.

Life is filled with opposites, contradictions, lies, truths, and cycles. And what is a would be king to do? Manipulate it all to their advantage of course, and with a butcher and demons on one side and the lands people on the other, who could ever hope to stop me?

( Will be doing further updates)

My Appearance

Apparent age: 24

Gender: Androgynous

Height: 5’6″

Body Type: Athletic

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue or red depending on mood: Feline slitted pupils

Skin: slightly tan

Clothing: Usually consists of black, tanned leather riding pants tucked into calf high black boots. A white, long sleeved tunic shirt with the sleeves rolled up to elbows showing muscled, fencer arms.




Weapons master; competent in most weaponry; prefers long sword and rapier.

Mundane Magics;

Animal form: White lion
Burning grip; Inflict third degree burns with a touch. If a metal object is being held, will heat up to a glowing red and cause additional burn damage with weapon.
Commune with nature; good with animals.
Dream Weaving: uses dreams as a way to perceive possible future or as a way to communicate with other dreamers.
Magic sense

Celestial Magic;

( please keep in mind celestial powers based on the original world created for this character and others)

Teleportation; through means of traversing through celestial, or hellish realms.
Hardened skin; parts of body coats in white scaling, mostly hands arms and parts of face, becoming as tough as Adamantine and resistant to most elemants.
Full transformation; Jayden’s entire body shifts into a scaled and fur covered white being with a.lion’s mane of white hair, red slitted feline eyes, saber cat like canines that rest on either side of mouth, and two horns that curve out and back along the mane.
Spirit speak; a passive ability where Jayden can see and is aware of spirits at all times but has learned to tune most out.

(Still updating)

My Secrets Are...

They are called secrets for a reason.