Lundara ValNuma

Who Am I...

Reluctant hero

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

So here’s the thing, mom was a hero, like a big hero, and my dad was a forced villain, later saved, and became a hero in his own kinda way. The way he put how he ran his ‘hero’ years was “plan don’t plot, plotting gets you punched.”

They did their best to raise me out of the limelight while still teaching me everything they know, all the knowledge they’ve built up trained into me! Heck I even had my own dragon for a while! And then, well I didn’t anymore.


That was kinda the straw for me, I didn’t like the expectation that were put on me, hold up the family names, possibly risk my life one day for the greater good, lose more while fighting for said greater good. That’s not the life I want.

So I guess you can call this the rebellious unsupervised stage of my life. Let’s have some fun shall we.



My Appearance

Apparent age: 24

Gender: female

Height: 5’6″

Race: Elashada

Body Type: Athletic

Hair: White

Eyes: green/ purple when using magick

Skin: palle

Clothing: Usually consists of black, tanned leather riding pants tucked into calf high black boots. A white, long sleeved tunic shirt with the sleeves rolled up to elbows.




Weapons: proficient in most weapons. Main great sword and great bow

Base mundane Magicks

Architect Void: ability to created almost any item as long as it is not organic. Can not reshape or destroy my creations.


My Secrets Are...

They are called secrets for a reason.