Ignis Fatuus


Absolute Spacial Bridging: The ability to create an Einstein-Rosen bridge (Wormhole) between two points in space instantaneously. This particular ability hyper-focuses on traversing space, bridging two points in the same relativistic timeline.

Demillusion: The ability to create corporeal illusions complete with animation. Consuming food or drink that is a Demillusion offers no benefits or side effects of the food or drink. Meals with no calories and all the flavor, vodka with no buzz.

Sixth Sense: This particular sense is the “Danger Sense.” It is semi-divination based that predicts natural dangers, bloodlust, murderous intent and so on.

Intracceleration: Internal acceleration is the ability to speed up processes within an single system. In this instance, it is within the body. Applications include accelerated healing, or accelerated information processing (seeing the world in slow motion) or instant sobriety (potential hangover imminent…)

My Story Is...

“I thought I killed you!”

“If I had a nickle for every time I heard that!”