Willow Grove


“If you run into my sister, please tell her that I’m not hungry anymore. She’ll know what it means and frankly, the look on her face will be priceless.”



(For those that don’t know what a wendigo is: [Most of this will be biased towards Willow] Mythical man-eating creatures that come from the upper parts of northern America and into the lower parts of Canada.

Looks [Two different types of wendigos, animal like or humanoid.]: Animal-like are mostly deer based. They have the possibility of  having fur [normally brown or black], deer skulls on their heads, antlers, glowing eyes, hooves/the hind legs of deers, and sharpish teeth. Humanoid versions can have markings their bodies had before transforming [tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.], jagged teeth, normally no hair/fur, and clouded over eyes. They both can have strange [yellow tinted/gray] or natural skin colors, normally very tall and skinny but strong as well, can be hunched over, and can have claws. [Willow is supposed to look more animal-like, she has antlers, red eyes that can glow, but normal colored skin. She is rather short, (the average height, I believe, is 6-8 feet tall) but still unnaturally skinny.]

Creation [Will differ depending on what you read/watch. I also will not be going into too much detail, sorry if the text is flat I guess.]: Humans can or will transform after being bitten by one. Possible signs that you’re turning is an unnaturally craving for human flesh/blood/etc. and a fear of become a cannibal. Other possible signs consist of high levels of greed. When humans let greed control them, they leave themselves open for possession, another way of become a wendigo. Slowly growing craving for human flesh/etc. and slowly going insane from lack, then transforms, and kills mercilessly, never satisfying their hunger. Other wendigos [which are considered a type of demon] are born naturally, not human formed, these would be known as pure bloods.

Personality [Normally, not always however]: Never ending hunger; no matter of how much they eat, they are forever hungry. Very quiet and sneaky, they have amazing sense of smell and hearing; to which the can tune out of if wanted, and can focus on certain ones as well [Such as someone’s scent or heartbeat/breathing.].

(The rest is WIP at the moment.)

Who Am I...

Willow Grove. A magical wendigo, that's also a hunter (mostly animals, but if you pay well- you can guess where I'm going with this.). That's pretty much it-

Romantic Interests

Wemon (mostly) and Men. (Bisexual)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

They were very poor. Their mother was an elf, prostitute and left her, her twin, and father to die. Their father took care of them, up until he died. She continues to blame herself for his death in the fire. He even dealt with the neighbor’s constantly coming over because of their stupid little antics. They pranked everyone we psychically could, except they had to stop when Willow even felt the slightest bit hungry -which was almost always. So most of the times, Willow made the potions, told Oak (Oaklyn) the spells, and Oak would commit the crimes. They never had much to eat, and with both herself and dad being wendigos, they had to move multiple times -mostly because of the pranks but, sometimes because someone went missing after last being seen in their shack- house, I mean. They tried to eat mostly meat, which satisfied their hunger -but there wasn’t always meat available, which is one reason why Willow took up hunting and fishing. It paid well and she got to keep any unwanted meat from the animals. As time went on and her name continue to grow throughout the meat industry, some ‘interesting’ buyers wanted her service. They paid her to kill a man for a very high amount of money, and to which she agreed. So in others words, She’s a hunter that is flexible with her prey, and also a witch, and a certified cannibal.

She has two small pets, one being her familiar and the other being an animal she found while wandering around the forest. Her familiar was a snake, a copperhead to be exact. He was fairly well behaved and normally sat, asleep, around his owners neck -not tight enough to hurt her, of course, but tight enough to hold on and not slip. His name was Penny, as her sister and little kids like to call him; His real name is Copper. There will always be a ‘copper’ aspect to him, no matter what form; whether it be the color of the eyes, fur, scales, etc. there will always be that aspect. And the other was a small, female bat named Crimson. She had a small, garnet colored, silk ribbon tied around its small leg. She was only a baby, so most the time she’d be hanging around of her owners -half sized- antlers, either teething on them, sleeping, or just hanging out. She fed off of Willow, normally fed from her finger (she has many small scars along her hands and fingers from the creature.).

She has another familiar, (Who’s also her friend) named Sarah.

My Appearance

Sage/light green, wavy hair, that’s goes to mid-back. Dark gray alters, which are half the size of normal ones due to a incident involving a car. Garnet (more on the pinker side, and/or a dark coral color) eyes. Pale skin, with a very skinny figure that doesn’t exactly look ‘natural’. Around 5’3 in height, which is rather short compared to other wendigos. 20 years of age, but can live over a couple hundred (She’s not immortal).

Normally wears an oversized dark gray sweatshirt (that has multiple tears and holes in it, also has some blood stains on it) with sleeves that cover her hands, dark jeans, and black, scuffed boots. The sweatshirt had belong to her father, in other words; don’t touch it.

My Secrets Are...

-I care more about friends and family than I seem to.

-Fear of abandonment.

I Believe...

That just because you care about someone, doesn’t me they care about you.