Amara Midae

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I don’t want to be served on a silver platter. I would much rather gold.

Who Am I...

Amara Midea

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Many years ago a siren and a human “fell in love” but I call bull shit and alcohol smelt on their breath.  I was born a year or two later. Marriage was never an option for my parents, not even a second thought before they said no. My mother left me with my father to hoe herself around to other men and to have other children. My father was amazing. He was kind and caring. He did everything for me. He home schooled me, he helped the homeless and read books to orphans when he wasn’t working at his library. He was my everything. But then, My mother came back. The thing about sirens is that they leave their children until they need them back to get more men to feast on. So she came back a week or so after I turned 16. My father did not like that. And as he was protecting me, my mother had killed him and ate him. That is when I decided to move to America to get away from my mother. I found my pride and joy there. My giant poodle Missy. I also found my first love there who is a story for another day. This was only a short summery of my life, but there is more to come.

My Appearance

Height: 5’5

Weight: Rude to ask a lady that… (150)

Bust: 42 g cups, sadly. My back has been broken before, actually…

Skin color: a soft almond/satin like color. But the profile pic says it all.

Hair: A light green and blue

Eyes: A lavender

Other: I do have a small water hemlock tattoo on both hips. Poisonous flower.


A flask full of salt water and my wallet and phone. I keep it in my chest so that I cannot get pick pocketed so easily. Unless they want a severed hand…

My Secrets Are...

Its not much of a secret but I am a siren.

I Believe...

That everyone deserves some love in their gorgeous lives