Eleanor Forest

My Story Is...

She always trusted in the Universe and the Will of the Gods, that is what brings her here. she lost her family to war before being pulled into this world and now needing to build her life from scratch but the death of her family has not left her bitter to showing kindness to those around her.


Having lived through many witch hunts and learned many skilled Eleanor is now a trained healer able to pull people back from the edge of death itself. midwived for over a hundred thousand mothers, lived for hundreds of years, seem the world age, watched empires rise and fall to now be standing before you looking the same age she did when she first ran away from her home land to escape the burning flames.


She has found love and adopted a son who is all grown up now. being a loving mother she will give anyone a chance they might need, she will show kindness to all who seek it but do not take advantage of that.

My Appearance

brown curly hair, Hazel eyes, slender figure, 5’6