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Time and time again people have made mistakes; people have done wrong and failed to realize it. One day however, one man’s mistakes led to a disaster. It’s not as though you could really blame him for it, it was just a complete accident; and yet Professor Yakamota of the Hellifyno Institute for Medical Science would accidentally create a monster when he happened to be studying one of his own. You see the creature Godzilla had been a favorite of his for years as he did study after study of the monster’s behavior. Leaning in his telescope as he watched them miles away and recording everything as he compounded a profile of the creature. Even if he was doomed to sit helplessly and watch it destroy city after city, burn town after town he knew that his cause was just. There was power to be had in this monster, and these were the days when the only kind of Godzilla were these dark lumbering giants with long tails and backs covered in sharp spines. And a destructive nature as they only kept to themselves and came in to wreck a city for no reason. For they are mutated beasts that have co-evolved with exposure to radiation from atomic weapons, and due to this they only have hate for Mankind. So Yakamota continued his research, collecting samples of its DNA and body tissue as he took them back to his lab and did research on it. The incredible structure of Godzilla’s cells captured his imagination as he thought of whole new breakthroughs in medicine and science from these reconstructing and self maintaining cells. All he had to do was feed them nutrients and wall la! They functioned on their own like separate organisms, so stubborn to die off it could take days for a single cell of his body to finally cease functions. So enthralled by this new stuff to research he left the lab one day and accidentally left some of this DNA next to a weak strain of virus he had been working on. The two entities escaped containment, and as Godzilla DNA met virus flagellum the two merged and rapidly began to evolve. So with in minutes the weak strain he had been developing as a potential cure to some other disease for months,  instantly flared into a hyperactive Bio-Virus that caused extreme mutation and growth. Once completely infected, the tissue began to make its way on rapidly evolved limbs out the lab as it sought a new host. And it wasn’t too long before it found it…
****Patient Zero****
He can only remember brief images and occasional thoughts drifting into his mind. Some sort of strange, blurry memory like that of a dream. Some unreal product of subconscious imaginations, but he knows that it was very real. Something having to do with alot of drug use, some dumb broad in the back of her car and a wedding ring. He thinks that he was doing something terrible, walking down the late night street to clear his mind as he sees himself with his hands in that leather jacket. Tucked into his pockets, before suddenly he’s face down on the cement! Agonizing pain shooting through his body as three Headcrab Zombies gang up on him and started to tear him apart. They cut his face and back and ripped at his clothing, shaking him like dogs with those fearsome hands as he screamed and died. The last bit of life leaving him, before all faded to black… when the Civil Protection arrived on the scene, he had already been extremely dead. Placing the tarp over him as they dealt with the zombies, just as the G-Sample scurried onto the scene. Those little crab like appendages skittering quietly across the pavement as it followed the pheromones senses to the fresh corpse. And crawled under that tarp undetected before skulking over his face, and lining itself up with his mouth as two of its limbs pushed his jaws apart. Proceeding to shove itself into his throat it delved deep, deep into his corpse. And dissolves itself among his organs and body tissue as Godzilla and Human DNA merge… and when he awoke he had no idea what or who he was. Just the foul, angering scent of Evil in the bodies of these humans all around him, and he hated it. Hated it so much that he jumped up, and butchers those cruel police with his bare hands before dragging a corpse off to an alley. Where he ate his first meal ever…
Ever since then, the Combine have showed extreme interest in the creature. Wanting to collar and chain him for their own purposes as they seek to conquer the advanced planet of Hellifyno. But he’ll never bend the knee, never give up. No chains can hold him as he goes across Persistence and Consequence in search of wicked creatures. Feasting on their flesh and tending kindly to the innocent and the good. A benevolent corpse, rather than nothing but hatred and murder in his gray flesh there is only devotion and kindness for certain things.

My Appearance

****At a moderate height of five foot nine, the creature displays extreme muscle and tissue damage around its body. On his face, hands, legs and arms are lacerations and loss of flesh with a sincere cut on the right leg being most prominent****

In this scene while he escapes the facility, the creature thrusts his hands onto one of the guard’s throat. Gripping tightly around it in his intense hold on the guy as they didn’t even get a chance to grab their gun!

And just like in his other form, Godzilla rears his head back in this new form as well as he prepares an unrelenting bite as his hands slide down and grip into his fabric. Gripping that Kevlar vest as he shook him around to leave him disoriented and vulnerable to their attack!

A fearsome bite goes right through his armor around the throat/upper chest area, as his gruesome teeth bite right through all his protection as he bit deep into his neck.

Leaving him for dead while he was at it…

After exiting the facility and entering a nearby city, he takes to the underground subway stations for refuge as he instantly comes across a couple being murdered by the officers here. So he killed them, and as he knocked down the last man onto his back after a heavy slam of his undead hands into his chest ripped his vest and laid him out flat he brought those fearsome grabbers high above his head and let out a fierce roar

Those hands are so relentless, so careless in how hard he slammed them into their mask he breaks it right in on his face and sends brains/gore/blood all over the ground around his neck and shoulders. Ruining their face, and ending his life

No human can see in the pitch darkness with out a source of light

But he can

And so with a fearsome blow to the back of their head, blood and bits of his mask snap out in every direction as his head flies forwards. And the body along with it as the neck breaks in several places and he suffers an extreme concussion in one instant.

Haven driven him and his face into the floor, the cop smacks off of the concrete and eventually died as the creature ran by like an anomaly

Believe it or not after they killed their companion, a frightened soldier drew out his knife. And he had reason to be frightened as Godzilla drew closer with his terrible hands out before him. That grimacing face ready to lung for his life and hold his life out of his body.

Once he got with in range Godzilla hit him with a mean right claw.  A fearsome scratch/palm strike as he stunned the combine by striking him across the chest and face. It shook him to a halt so suddenly that he freezes and clutches at his chest in agony as it shoots through him in awe of its power

Then he hits him with a left fist. Shattering his hand as he did so as he struck the gentleman dead in the face. Imagine being hit so hard in a metal mask that it flies back and slams you in the face; that shit would suck wouldn’t it? So he falls back with one last scream of effort, a short cry through the mask before he collapses back

Just to make sure, he smashes their skull within their crushed helmet.

Despite their efforts to hold him back, Godzilla absorbed the rounds they shot into him and became extremely bloodied. Dripping with it the whole time off of his extremely soaked clothing as he lifted a massive drone over his head. Called a Hunter

Godzilla had angrily cried out, using his whole body to lift up and hurl this massive creature as he lunges a foot forwards to support his shifting body mass. This was not the first, nor the last time he’d throw or fight one of these creatures. And he hardly gave a fuck about that, he slammed it into a rusty metal door that’s frame gave in too; crushing the Hunter in a messy pile of sharp metal

Immediately turning to his left to run up a set of stairs? Godzilla is faced with another shotgun soldier whose darker, brownish uniform and orange eyes clearly showed his rank. And intent with that Spas-12 he was about to blow a hole in his face or chest with. But Godzilla was quicker, and far more able bodied than that as the man in the suit goes wide eyed at the moments to come

Fast as the Combine had pulled the trigger, the clone was just no match for the relentless onslaught of his attacker. Godzilla comes flooding in with a grip on the end of his gun, catching him off guard cause a Headcrab zombie would do no such thing. Just stand there and take it, and he himself was helpless while a round fired into the ceiling. Godzilla meanwhile appeared to rear back-

The soldier appeared to scream through his radio speaker, already clearly pretty distressed by the situation entirely. The slamming palm to the gut was just icing on the cake while his weapon was let go of the creature’s grip. Like he needed to continue holding the gun for what he was about to do to this man, his Kevlar armor keeping the claws off his his skin. But the intense blow ruptured a gut and shattered his lower ribs while he folded like paper

The blow struck him so hard the soldier recoiled back, slamming into the cement wall at his back. These halls he had been patrolling for so many halls suddenly becoming a tomb. He could feel it in his bones, and the blood filling the inside of his body from the massive internal bleeding. You know when you’re about to die, in a case like this. Godzilla had hit him so hard a bunch of blood flew off his body and onto the floor, missing the soldier a bit and splattering beside him.

Godzilla was already on that bitch the second his back was on the floor. He knew how to use his feet in a fight, and wasn’t afraid to when it came right down to it. The creature was pretty much down to use his body in any way that he could to kill something, elbows and knees all that shit. So he crushes his metal mask right into their skull, toe first with a mighty sound.

Even totally outnumbered, totally alone Godzilla was totally outmatching these creatures. The Fast Headcrab swarm was not enough to destroy this vicious creature, his abilities and strength numerous with a Will that could temper steel. This zombie is a vicious fighter, even for a giant horde of these nasty creatures


Due to a rather unimpressive inventory, this part has instead been committed to some of his abilities he has been adapted with since his transformation. All in all, I’d say that Godzilla is probably a Level 80 entity, easily anywhere from that range. For he is no ordinary corpse, as there are several things that roam the body that he happens to possess…

Since he woke up in that alleyway with the stench of evil men stinging in his nose, he has found himself completely immune to pain. No effect of injury or status can hinder his movement, fighting ability and overall lack of restraint. Imagine getting hit by a guy, who has no moral ethics in how or how hard he’s gonna hit you; and he’s gonna rake you with everything he’s got in those gruesome fingernails and gnarly hands. Wood splinter and cuts, stone crumbles, and even metal dents inwards at the forces of his hands, and always the bloody patches on the wall where his hand strikes as a reminder that no pains can hold him. This lack of restraint and overall immunity to the effects of pain (such as recoiling from a hot stove or going into shock) give him enormous strength. His body is almost ten times stronger than the humans because unlike humans, he just doesn’t give a fuck. A man would not strain himself till he busts to lift something; Godzilla will. And he’ll keep going till either it moves or he finally realizes that the human body simply can’t do that and looks for an alternative. Still though, this not only applies to his Zomb-Hands but those Zomb-Feet too. He’s not afraid to give you a solid gut rupturing kick with those careless feet of his, shattering the palm of his foot on your ass right through your Kevlar suit. Godzilla is a fearsome fighter, always down to scrap with no mercy as he plucks out eyes, rips out throats and tears off nuts with no holding back. Like I said, he doesn’t give a fuck he’ll chomp you right in the fucking balls if you stupidly give him the chance. Don’t try and choke him out, that’s a bad move on your end for soon you’ll meet his-

As much as he prefers to use his hands to tear and rip at his enemies, there comes an occasion where they instead are used to hold somebody still for his bite. Indeed his bite is far worse than his barks as the gentle moans of this corpse disguise his gruesome teeth’s dangerous nature. For though the gaps between them show loss due to his habits, at some point his mouth stopped giving in. Gums losing their pink hue and turning into a red bloody maw with extremely hard, fearsome teeth. Once he had defeated a machine, by holding the mech still and throwing it over his head. Then as it stood back up he leaned down and bit right into one of his fuel cells to disable it; through metal, through wiring and hardcore electronic equipment he tore into its energy source to completely shut it down. Extremely strong, supernatural for sure in power and might as these Jaws of Life worthy chompers make him literally armed to the teeth with natural weaponry. Not to mention the terrible fever that sets in afterwards…

Imagine seeing this staring down at you in your bed one night; after a late night of evil shit and horrible crimes ofcourse. For as dark as your room may have been, it made no matter to the beasts ability to traverse your pitch black house. Due to the G-Cells interlaced with his own human DNA, Godzilla has found himself with extremely enhanced senses. To the point where it’s almost unbearable at times, for even a pin drop in a football stadium can send him into full alert. Down to fight and sink his teeth into something evil, and inside of his skull two profound holes have been eaten away by an acid at some time that Combine X-Ray scans found in his nasal canal. This let his nose sensors inside of his head to grow to extremely abnormal size in there, giving him an intense sense of smell for malevolence. For it should seem that evil things are just the prey of this creature’s choice, then finally his G-Dilation affects his eyes too. Quite profoundly as he is able to stretch those white pupils to extreme sizes, very inhuman and unnatural as the process gives him superb night vision but gives him a red tint to the gaze as blood rushes into the iris. Now in combination of all three, Godzilla has found himself to be an excellent night time fighter. Just as deadly in the dark, as he is in the light…

Resilience and outright damage denial is Godzilla’s most superb advantages in extreme combat. You can blow a piece of his head off, a chunk of his face a huge hole in his abdomen. Take a couple organs out of the bastard with a sniper round, he just won’t stop coming. You better have a huge stopping power, cause low caliber rounds will just sink into his dead body and piss him off. Not only does he have twice as much health as a human, but he can take quite a beating as well even after it should have appeared that he would be dead. Once he reaches a critical point in his health, his body will appear to go into a sort of healing overdrive where all the G-Cells in his body expand to cover over a huge area of tissue damage. Like a flower blooming as the G-Cells rapidly divide and rebind his sinew back together in a temporary burst. But it’s not a complete fix, and it’s only meant to buy him time to get the hell out of there. Cause that’s what he’ll just do, you blow a huge piece out of him with a shotgun and you think you have him on the run till he shows up not much more than a few minutes later full health and ready to fight again. He can do this twice, but after this the G-Cells will be too exhausted to do it again and he will need time for them to recover, about 90 seconds per use or so to regenerate.
The following is a series of images to detail the ability and how it performs

“Eat shit, Corpsy!”
From seemingly out of nowhere as he made his way with this soldier of an army he joined to help fight an evil rebel force, a man appears up on an overhanging porch. Pulling out a small PPK pistol and unloading all seven bullets into his colleagues back, and tossing the empty gun down once he was done as he insults the Zombie. Who roars in seeming helplessness as he spins around in shock at the attack

But the man does not realize how wrong he is to feel so safe where he is at right now. For a trick is tucked deep in these leather sleeves of this persistent corpse

With a running start, he goes as fast as he can in a full out lunge/sprint as he pumps those arms and really bends those legs. Which is rare, cause he usually just shambles with his hands out in front of him when he moves at his steady Undead pace.

Suddenly, crying out from the effort and the sheer requirement of making such a leap Godzilla jumps as hard as he can. Shoving his feet into the earth as he put one fist up into the air in an upward punch to really put himself up there. He has performed this hundreds of time, and what’s coming up after this seemingly meager jump is incredible

Pwuff! He fucking did it! He just performed the infamous double jump! Feet seemingly pressed against thin air as his legs give another shove upwards as he flies higher up into the sky and towards the completely unsuspecting rebel

Needless to say, they are caught completely off guard. Barely even able to scream let alone really do anything to react in time as it happened so fast and was just so impossible he couldn’t believe it. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, and felt its hot hand enwrap around his wrist he wouldn’t have. But there it was, right in his face with murder in its haunting eyes

With reflexes like an animal at this point, Godzilla in one fluid motion has leaped up into the air in two consecutive jumps. Putting himself just with in range to grab this man’s hand and shirt as he shoves the ladder into his mouth and bites. The sensation of his wicked flesh and blood oozing into his mouth while those fragile fingers and hands bones broke under his jaws? Priceless. The only thing that made it better was the scream that sung music to his hears

And at that point with out a solid grip on anything to tide him back? Godzilla falls down and his grip on the man takes him with him. His dense body yanking the much lighter fellow from where he stood down to the solid ten or so feet he had to fall to the concrete below. And Godzilla’s not gonna give a fuck about it, so imagine falling that far and immediately getting your head beat in by an outraged corpse. We’ll leave him to his horrible fate, and carry on with the details
Just as the ability says, this is quite literally as descriptive as it needs to be. Godzilla is able to in both of his forms perform the legendary physics defying double jump. Such a feat is popular in plat former video games for allowing the user to make it to places where they wouldn’t be able to with one jump alone (Kinda obvious.) So? Exact same thing for Godzilla, things that are out of his reach or if he just wants to jump onto something that’s a high place up in the air he can leap not just once but twice mid air. (So it’s technically a triple jump if you include the jump off the ground, but that doesn’t sound as nice.) Believe it or not, it’s not a magical ability at all. Nothing about this creature is magic what so ever, he is an entirely natural creature rooted in extreme genome capabilities. Godzilla’s DNA is so incredibly powerful, that it managed to completely overhaul a disease into this crazy feat we see now. You see deep inside of his body’s tissue, human cells and G-cells are all mixed around randomly and mutated and hotwired to one another. Fused and bound in their unnatural state of transformation, and upon calling for this ability like any other bodily process is performed his G-Cells emit a concentrated ‘jet’ of radioactivity. Jet is in those quotes because truth be told we have no idea what it is; it’s some sort of emition that he puts out under himself that creates a magnetic pole reversal for a temporary moment. Giving him a burst up into the air which to the naked eye should appear to be him just literally jumping on thin air! He’s no super man, but this is certainly not something you’d see some Walking Dead zombo doing.
Image result for Hunt showdown doctor
Finally, the coupe de grace of Godzilla’s ability, his permeable regeneration. Similar to that of his Undead Fortitude, what separates this is the instance that it’s activated. See Undead Fortitude pops when he’s about to be destroyed (I don’t mean die because he’s already dead) but Regeneration kicks in after he has received initial damage. At first his body is unable to respond, it takes a second for it to recover from the trauma before it can begin repairs. And if he keeps taking damage, and doesn’t get away from its source he won’t start getting health back till he gets the fuck out of dodge. It takes about four seconds for his body to start healing, and once it does it won’t stop till he and all his default wounds are brought back to him. His injuries that killed him will never despawn, oh no. Never in his existence will he ever grow those deep cuts on his leg and arms and the torn flesh on his gruesome face. Those are permanent, as a reminder to him when he looks in the mirror that he is not what he once was.

He doesn’t like to discuss it, and he tries not to think about it as often as he can. But with in his bite, is probably one of the most powerful Bio-Weapons ever created. Completely by mistake by the carelessness of a professor, now Godzilla is tormented to be this Carrier. A creature with a disease living in him waiting to spread, but he restrains himself and it. Always making sure he usually kills shit with his hands; and if he uses his teeth, he makes sure the body is atleast plain and obvious so that somebody can destroy them. Godzilla’s creations do not seem to be as advanced as he is, but on another note is the infection itself dubbed, ‘The G-Virus’ by Combine Scientists and Professor Yakamoto who was responsible for its creation. Upon infection, the initial signs are not apparent at all; normal blood pressure (except for the obvious terror of the person aside,) body temperature, everything appears to be normal. Then about forty seconds in, and the patient undergoes and immediate change in condition; a sincere paleness in the clarity of their skin. A distinct fever that is extremely high, well over 108 degrees as their bodies start to make the commitment to the infection. And soon, with in a mere one minute or so of infection (varying from host to host) the person transforms into a full blown G-Zombie. G-Zombies are extremely aggressive towards humans, highly infectious and very hostile towards Godzilla especially. They won’t attack him, but they’ll growl and scowl and hate him for what they did to him. For though they can no longer stand the presence of any life what so ever, they still remember how they were infected in the first place by that prick in his leather jacket. So he tries to make his zombies as obvious as possible, no sneakers around to spread the G-Virus like wild fire and later he’ll tell ya, “Gather the dead… burn the bodies.”
Health: 200
Damage: 25 (Light swipes) 55 (Heavy punches) 120 (Bite) 35 (Kick, but it has a multiplier based on how fast he is moving)
Headshot damage: Damage x 2
Speed: 3-4 mph (Shamble) 6-7 mph (Lunge)

My Secrets Are...

“This is Professor Yakamoto of HIMS!”
“Do not engage, REPEAT: DO NOT ENGAGE!”
“He can turn into his God form at any second and level this fucking city! PULL OUT!!”
-End of Transmission-
Image result for Godzilla 1964
G O D Z I L L A:
Height: 131.9 meters
Tail to Snout length: 404.4 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons
Health: N/A
Damage: N/A
Note: We can not exactly estimate just how much damage this monster is capable of. Nor can we really gauge just how far his permeable damage resistance and health regeneration can take him.
No photo description available.
Here in this image, Godzilla is seen in his giant form standing over the fallen bodies of two other monsters. One (Left) is Gigan, a giant cyborg monster from outer space who came here to destroy Hellifyno. It is his only purpose, a weapon of an alien race far far away in another galaxy whom, long ago, had beef with this realm. Then the other, (Back) is a different species of Godzilla. Coming of age and looking for a challenge, the monster swam across the sea where it began terrorizing the residents of this island. And sensing the danger from both of these monsters, Godzilla (1964) rushes to the defense. Willingly fighting the other Godzilla’s better Atomic Ray and Gigan’s blades and saw stomach. Laser eyes and cluster light arrays, all the work he put in with his bare claws and tail was worth it to defeat both of these creatures.

I Believe...

"I lived to Serve…"