G o d z i l l a

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At this point, he’s not even sure who he is anymore.

Who Am I...

A nameless corpse with a purpose

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

He has invested his love into a sweet little elf, named Minx.

My Story Is...

Time and time again people have made mistakes; people have done wrong and failed to realize it. One day however, one man’s mistakes led to a disaster. It’s not as though you could really blame him for it, it was just a complete accident; and yet Professor Yakamota of the Hellifyno Institute would accidentally create a monster when he happened to be studying one of his own. You see the creature Godzilla had been a favorite of his for years as he did study after study of the monster’s behavior. Leaning in his telescope as he watched them miles away and recording everything as he compounded a profile of the creature. Even if he was doomed to sit helplessly and watch it destroy city after city, burn town after town he knew that his cause was just. There was power to be had in this monster, and these were the days when the only kind of Godzilla were these dark lumbering giants with long tails and backs covered in sharp spines. And a destructive nature as they only kept to themselves and came in to wreck a city for no reason. For they are mutated beasts that have co-evolved with exposure to radiation from atomic weapons, and due to this they only have hate for Mankind. So Yakamota continued his research, collecting samples of its DNA and body tissue as he took them back to his lab and did research on it. The incredible structure of Godzilla’s cells captured his imagination as he thought of whole new breakthroughs in medicine and science from these reconstructing and self maintaining cells. All he had to do was feed them nutrients and wall la! They functioned on their own like separate organisms, so stubborn to die off it could take days for a single cell of his body to finally cease functions. So enthralled by this new stuff to research he left the lab one day and accidentally left some of this DNA next to a weak strain of virus he had been working on. The two entities escaped containment, and as Godzilla DNA met virus flagellum the two merged and rapidly began to evolve. So with in minutes the weak strain he had been developing as a potential cure to some other disease for months,  instantly flared into a hyperactive Bio-Virus that caused extreme mutation and growth. Once completely infected, the tissue began to make its way on rapidly evolved limbs out the lab as it sought a new host. And it wasn’t too long before it found it…
He can only remember brief images before it had happened… he had been walking down the street, wearing his favorite leather jacket and taking a midnight walk. He had to clear his mind about something, he can remember a lot of drinking and pleasures beyond count. Some dumb broad in the backseat of her car and a wedding ring. He thinks that he was doing some horrible shit, but regardless of this because it does not matter, the next thing he knew he was on the ground! Face down as something attacked his back and he heard growling and felt their sharp claws tear up his back. It was a pack of headcrab zombies, and they brutally murdered, or almost murdered him right there in the street before a group of Civil Protection officers shot and killed them. He had already been partly eaten, and soon died right there in the road as the coppers started to clean up the bodies. Suddenly, just as the life left his eyes the DNA emerged. Quietly moving through the civil protection as it looked for a suitable host, and came across the nameless body as his last thoughts drifted from thought and mind. Moving over his mouth as its probuscus limbs parted his teeth and the infected tissue delved deep into his throat. Shoving itself into his stomach and working its way out of his guts as it settled somewhere into his chest. And dissolved among his own tissue as it rapidly began to evolve again and change his once human body. Changing the color of his skin as his natural regeneration went into overdrive and Godzilla’s new G-Energy entered his body with some modifications. Life was brought back into him anew, but he had no idea who or what he was; sitting upright with black and white eyes that were wide open. And hungry teeth that sought out the evil among the living…
The Combine captured him again and again to research the new potential weapon inside of him, but he would escape to keep it from their grip. Willingly doing things that were out of his way that a human would be far from able to do, and so from the cells of a darker creature, a new one emerged; a much purer, good will with in its heart as he began to make a reputation for himself. Reports of a strange creature saving people from muggings and rapers and eating robbers. A new species of the monster coming forth with a much less destructive, and more so protective objective. Becoming a Guardian, and a freak of Hellifyno…

My Appearance

****At a moderate height of five foot ten, the creature displays extreme muscle and tissue damage around its body. On his face, hands, legs and arms are lacerations and loss of flesh with a sincere cut on the right leg being most prominent****

In this scene while he escapes the facility, the creature thrusts his hands onto one of the guard’s throat. Gripping tightly around it in his intense hold on the guy as they didn’t even get a chance to grab their gun!

And just like in his other form, Godzilla rears his head back in this new form as well as he prepares an unrelenting bite as his hands slide down and grip into his fabric. Gripping that Kevlar vest as he shook him around to leave him disoriented and vulnerable to their attack!

A fearsome bite goes right through his armor around the throat/upper chest area, as his gruesome teeth bite right through all his protection as he bit deep into his neck.

Leaving him for dead while he was at it…

After exiting the facility and entering a nearby city, he takes to the underground subway stations for refuge as he instantly comes across a couple being murdered by the officers here. So he killed them, and as he knocked down the last man onto his back after a heavy slam of his undead hands into his chest ripped his vest and laid him out flat he brought those fearsome grabbers high above his head and let out a fierce roar

Those hands are so relentless, so careless in how hard he slammed them into their mask he breaks it right in on his face and sends brains/gore/blood all over the ground around his neck and shoulders. Ruining their face, and ending his life

No human can see in the pitch darkness with out a source of light

But he can

And so with a fearsome blow to the back of their head, blood and bits of his mask snap out in every direction as his head flies forwards. And the body along with it as the neck breaks in several places and he suffers an extreme concussion in one instant.

Haven driven him and his face into the floor, the cop smacks off of the concrete and eventually died as the creature ran by like an anomaly


Due to a rather unimpressive inventory, this part has instead been committed to some of his abilities he has been adapted with since is transformation. All in all, I’d say that Godzilla is probably a Level 80 entity, easily anywhere from that range. For he is no ordinary corpse, as there are several things that roam the body that he happens to possess…
Since he woke up in that alleyway with the stench of evil men stinging in his nose, he has found himself completely immune to pain. No effect of injury or status can hinder his movement, fighting ability and overall lack of restraint. Imagine getting hit by a guy, who has no moral ethics in how or how hard he’s gonna hit you; and he’s gonna rake you with everything he’s got in those gruesome fingernails and gnarly hands. Wood splinter and cuts, stone crumbles, and even metal dents inwards at the forces of his hands, and always the bloody patches on the wall where his hand strikes as a reminder that no pains can hold him.
As much as he prefers to his his hands to tear and rip at his enemies, there comes an occasion where they instead are used to hold somebody still for his bite. Indeed his bite is far worse than his barks as the gentle moans of this corpse disguise his gruesome teeth’s dangerous nature. For though the gaps between them show loss due to his habits, at some point his mouth stopped giving in. Gums losing their pink hue and turning into a red bloody maw with extremely hard, fearsome teeth. Once he had defeated a machine, by holding the mech still and throwing it over his head. Then as it stood back up he leaned down and bit right into one of his fuel cells to disable it; through metal, through wiring and hardcore electronic equipment he tore into its energy source to completely shut it down.

My Secrets Are...

“He is a fire type titan, and he can turn into his God form at any moment and fight in a much more profound area of effect!” -Professor Yakamoto of the Hellifyno Institute of Monster Knowledge (H.M.K Institute)
Image result for Godzilla 1964
After his transformation, the new creature turned into his Titan form. In it, he was a much gentler creature than the other Godzillas; a much lighter color of skin and rounder, duller spines that were much less numerous than the original. A shorter, blunter tail that was heavier and smaller spines running down its length with strong claws and a fearsome set of cone shaped teeth. But believe me, this creature is far gentler than his evil cousins. Going and challenging the Elder Godzilla roaming this realm as the two engaged in a brutal battle. It had lasted hours, but after nearly three of them of vicious fighting he beat him. After that he became… God King Godzilla! In the year of 1964! Credit to them.
No photo description available.
This is a photo of Godzilla after he had defeated the monster Gigan, a giant cyborg with two chainsaw hands and laser eyes from outer space. It awoke from the ground after crashing here and getting defeated long ago, and Godzilla put him back to sleep while also fighting the evil species of Godzilla with even more powerful breaths and sharper, more fearsome spines. Had he won, he would always take his fury out on mankind and constantly make ruin to the world of Men in his quest for vengeance. Godzilla has made peace with his anger with man, but their kind will not: But he will persevere in both Undead and Titan form for the sake of Hellifyno

I Believe...

I lived to serve