Kitty Wittie


Former Teen Pop Star Idol

Social Media Influencer

21 Years Old

Nekomimi American

Who Am I...

Kitty Kat (Ex)Pop Star!

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My Story Is...

Hi! I’m Whitney ‘Kitty Wittie’ Satou! 

I was born in and grew up in Japan, just your average neko in Tokyo, full of other people, blending in with the crowd. Well, actually I’m HALF-Nekomimi; my dad’s American, my mom your average Japanese Nekomimi or catgirl. I developed a talent for singing while I was going to school, and I got a LOT of attention!


Now, sure, all the neko-fetishists out there naturally love their idols, and me, I loved my music and I loved attention… So, sure, when I turned 15, I entered a talent contest… and won! I was an idol! 


For a little while. Then it got annoying, after a few years, so when I turned 18, I quit.


My family moved from Japan to America, so I could go to college. Of course, I was still semi-famous, but who cares? I didn’t mind the attention, just all the hard work being an idol was. I had to act like a good girl all the time, when I wanted to be bad… But in America? I had a better shot at being famous for doing absolutely noooothing~


Well, not nothing. A few naughty pictures here, some funny or cute or sexy videos there, strut my stuff in public, wear whatever nice clothes people send me, maybe the occasional camshow for the dedicated fans…


I’m still living the life~


Now… To tell you more about meeee~

My birthname is Whitney, but everyone calls me Wittie. My stagename, as a result, was “Kitty Wittie”, and I still use it as a screenname even though I’m not EXACTLY a pop star anymore. I love music! Always have. Growing up in Japan, it was mostly J-Pop, but I did have a big love for American pop music, too! 


The BIGGEST reason I quit being a pop star? I’m lazy.  I also didn’t like having to put on appearances that I’m a good girl. Sure, I’m cute, but… I’m a baaad girl, sometimes.


I LOVE to drink. And I LOVE to eat. I could eat three cheeseburgers and five servings of fries in one sitting, to be honest.  And getting totally fucking shitfaced is my idea of a good Friday night!


There’s also the fact that, like… I lost my virginity when I was 13, and I’ve been fucking ever since, regularly. I love men… I love women, too, when I can get my claws in ’em~ But I’m responsible! I stay on birth control, since I don’t want kittens, and I let my partners know what I’m doing.

I prefer open relationships; I’m a free love kinda girl, and  I’ve found that I might tire a person out fast, given how much I like to fuck, and how often, so I need as many regular partners as I can.


My my job right now is being a social media influencer and model. People look at me and then buy whatever I’m seen with on social media! Its fun, because it means I get a ton of stuff for free or cheap. It’s like I’m a walking commercial? I go to a restaurant, set up a camera or just take pictures along the way, and then post it online, throw up the hashtags, and let the Internet do the rest!


I also do some light modeling. I take pictures of myself and post them online. Some are just cute, the rest are lewds or nudes, which people can buy straight from me. The biggest payers get the occasional naughty camshow from me, where I show them eeeeverything, up close and personal~

My Appearance

I’m a sexy kitty!