Wolf girl


werewolf blood moon

Who Am I...

I am Destini

Romantic Interests

Preferably strong and wise alphas

My Story Is...

I am a 22 year old girl. I go to college and work my day job. One morning while I was out for a run in the woods I had seen a black figure. The figure was watching me. I didn’t know what or who it was. I went home after my run to do my usual. Later that night, I looked out my window and saw the figure again. I grab my shoes and walk outside. I noticed the figure getting closer and closer. By the time it was too late I had noticed what it was….a werewolf. Not just any werewolf. An alpha. I had always believed them to be a myth out of the books I read. But what else could it be? Was for sure no human. And too big for a bear. I start to run but it chases me and grabs ahold of my leg with his fangs. I rush inside to clean and wrap my leg. Couple days go by. I haven’t felt normal since that night. I decided to look at the bite. By my surprise its no longer there. I do some research and find out that the bite had turned me. Now I am on the run to stay from hunters and others who want to kill me. So much for a normal life. Now its time to find a pack… or better yet, kill a alpha and take their powers to then create a pack of my own.

My Appearance

I have wavy long dark hair that hangs past my shoulder blades, with bright green eyes. I am wearing a pair of medium denim washed jeans with a few holes on the thighs. I have on a bright pink button cotton sweatshirt on and white converse. Usually keep my hair down. I have fair skin and light pink cheeks with glossy lips.


Oak wood bow with oak arrows rods and glass tips. Steel swords with ancient engravings down the blade. The sword has been passed down for generations.

My Secrets Are...

My secrets are that I have a twisted mind. I enjoy the urge to kill and rampage. I enjoy the though of hearing my enemies scream. I have dark side.

I Believe...

I believe the right one can control my bad habits. I believe that only a true alpha can change the lives of werewolves around like me.