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     The Mattheson Pack
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The Mattheson Pack was a small pack of wolves, on the western coast of the United States. They were condensed in Nevada and California, thriving mostly in Southern Nevada. They protected the cities, alongside select few packs, from other supernatural beings – mostly aiming to keep the peace. Back in 1965 a large group of Hunters swarmed the territory, attacking the pack and nearly wiping out the entirety of them, but a lower level branch that managed to escape . The last descendants of the Mattheson pack to date are Marcellus and Micaela, half-siblings to deceased parents.

Backstory To The Mattheson Siblings; Present Day
The last of the Matthesons’ had eventually dwindled down to one final family, over the years of being hunted. Decades ago in Southern Nevada, The Mattheson pack suffered a great loss – the mate of the Alpha. A rival pack found the Mattheson’s during a hunting party, attacking them. The pack suffered no causalities, outside of Loraline Mattheson, the mate to the Alpha. The Alpha of this smaller pack, was Micaela and Marcellus’ father, and the woman was Marcellus’ mother. At the time the loss devastated the Alpha, in fact it was a pain that never truly left him. Marcellus was young enough to only have faint memories of his mother, from his childhood. Nothing that still isn’t painful, for him.


Almost ten years after the death of Loraline, the Alpha had taken another mate – one from a pack untrusted by the Mattheson line for select mating. This woman was unique, a beast unlike the wolves she was with, a therianthrope of pureblood. It wasn’t long after their connection, that Micaela Lark Mattheson was born, a half-breed of the Mattheson line, the first of her heritage. This made other wolves that knew of the Half-breed, only try harder to wipe out the family and take over their territory and keep the line of wolves ‘clean’ from impure beasts, such as a hybrid.  When Micaela was about three or four, her parents disappeared, both Marcel and Micaela winding up in a strange city by themselves for awhile. A family friend, a lone wolf them self, took in the two and helped raise them – teaching them how to hunt and survive while relocating to the Eastern states, somewhere in Louisiana.


Marcel eventually grew up to get a job and work to get a home for him and his sister. While Micaela eventually sunk into abusing alcohol, devolving into a mess of addiction. Marcel dedicating his life to keeping his sister sober and on a good path for the future, but it has slowly taken it’s toll on him over the years. Present Day, Micaela is a few months sober and Marcel is holding a steady job bounty hunting – humans and supernatural alike. The two of them found safe haven on a strange planet of different beings. One where the two seem to belong in, better than before on Earth. Micaela is having trouble adjusting, struggling even harder with her addiction issues while transitioning to a new place. Marcel, however, seems to be adjusting rather well and is holding it together nicely – using his sanity to help keep Mick sane.


Micaela Lark Mattheson

The Hybrid Mess
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Marcellus Anthony Mattheson
The ‘Honorable’ Brother
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