”The b r a v e men did not kill d r a g o n s,
the brave men r o d e them.”

Name ; Wright
Age ; ninety-eight / twenty in human years
B a c k g r o u n d ;
Z u i n u s . .
Dwarf Zuinus, is another realm of hydras. Time flows differently. Beauty shimmers on this planet. The life oozing like gold from unknown beginnings. There are mountains that touch the highest clouds, and trees as green as the fresh moss that line the exotic streams. Fruit grows graciously, a being never knowing the meaning of hunger, unless enslaved by rare opposing forces.
It is a place of paradise, where the roaring b e a s t s roam the sky.
D r a g o n s  and  t a m e r s . .
These beasts, are like any dragons found elsewhere. Their forms differ from one another only in slight ways, depending on each rank. Each breath consists of hot air, fire ready to be summoned from their lungs. Their wings spread to tremendous lengths, giving them flight whenever they please. Though in this realm, all hydras are born with only half of their soul. The other half, is born within a being of a mortal form. T a m e r s. These humanoid beings are connected with the dragon fate has chosen for them. These two share a bond only to be broken by d e a t h.
As it be, a dragon and tamer’s lifespan is fairly stretched. In most cases, a tamer is born first, and then a few years later, their chosen dragon is born, as they grow quickly to adulthood, compared to tamers. The two are rarely separated the moment they meet.
The relationship between the two is a personal experience. One completes the other, and vise versa. Though the Tamer’s role is a large one, they keep the hydras from turning corrupt. Ancestors have witnessed almost complete extinction due to rabid beasts, as hunters hunted them for their remains, believing them to be nothing but uncivilized and wild. So a powerful enchantress was summoned, forever binding dragons to tamers.
T a m e r ‘ s  p o w e r s  and  c o n n e c t i o n s  to  d r a g o n s . .
Tamers and dragons share the deepest connection known, allowing them certain techniques they posses.
Telepathy. As long as a connection is between the two, telepathy can be preformed from anywhere, allowing each to sense if the other is in danger if separated.
Healing. A tamer can only heal their appointed dragon, though it takes a great toll on their own body. The greater a wound, the greater the risk of the tamer falling into a deep sleep, in an attempt to restore the life force taken.
Word bind. This is another tamer ability. To keep the hydras in check, a word bind power was given to the tamers. If a tamer is feeling strong about the command and utters the word, the dragon will have no choice but to obey. Though this doesn’t always work, more so depends on how strong the tamer is feeling.
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S o c i a l  c l a s s e s  . .
To keep order in the realm, a dragon and its tamer is born with marking ranks. Tamers by their hair color (and obvious connection with their dragon) and dragons by their hide color. Both futures decided by the pigment.
W h i t e : The Royalty. The highest rank.
As time passes, snow colored hydras and tamers became rare. They are known as the ‘Pure Ones’ and hold utmost respect in their realm. The kings, queens, princesses, and princes all reside in this category. A royal tamer and royal dragon are considered as one king, the same applies to all roles. Being a Pure One, intimidation is cast from birth to the lower ranks. The need to obey their commands is definite. The royal dragons are also the only ones that can shape shift, taking humanoid forms. Because of this, there are times when a royal tamer and royal dragon uptake a romantic relationship, as they do not share blood.
C r i m s o n : The Nobles, right under the Royals.
These are relatives of Royals, through past ancestors. To keep from feud, crimson colored hydras are kept part of the family, second in command should the royals ever extinct.
D a r k  l a v e n d e r : Hereditary Nobles.
Here are where the dukes and barons lie. The barons serve as the King’s right hand. In this realm, a brother in arms. Barons are held to be respected by all, as the King usually shares a fond relationship with them.
B l a c k : Knights.
These dragons are known for their extreme strength. From birth, these dragons and tamers are trained to be fighters, their loyalty remaining with the Royals.
All remaining colors are middle class. In this realm, poverty does not exist.
The R e b e l s : Any Color.
Though rare, any dragon and tamer to turn against the royals, is a rebel. These are known as dangerous beings who’s actions always unknown.

”Always speak  p o l i t e l y
to an  e n r a g e d  dragon.”

Jareth and Wright
For years, any birth of more royal tamers was thought to be over. The Queen showed no signs of conceiving, but her dragon was able. And from the King and Queen’s royal dragons, was born Prince Jareth. The first known hydra to be born without a tamer.
He grew into an adult quickly, though the sadness of being incomplete ruled over his life. His performances as a dragon lacked. He was smaller than most, and had an attitude of yearning for death constantly surrounding him. As he was without his other half, what more was there to live for? Of course the royal family had taken Jareth into isolation, afraid that without a tamer he would turn corrupt. A royal rebel was something unheard of. but they took no chances.

His physical body was without. The bones that made up his wings were brittle, breaking in places each time he tried to spread them. The limits of the sky was one thing he never knew of. At this point, he could not shape shift either. The dragon lived like that for seventy years. Until finally, a surprise pregnancy was announced, a girl was to be expected.
The moment she was conceived, Jareth knew she was his. Each day she grew he did also. His frame became larger, his wings and strength becoming the strongest in all the court. He began training under strict supervision and restrictions. The throne still worried he might turn against them.
Long excruciating months passed, the patience for waiting was beginning to grow thin. By now, Jareth was a full grown adult, being forced to stay in isolation until his tamer was born.

A meeting at last
”Jareth?” He could hear the Queen’s soft words, watching her approach with his mother in her humanoid form with maids trailing behind. Instantly, he rose. Himself shifting into his mortal looking frame. He knew exactly why they were there. As he knew exactly what the Queen held wrapped up in her arms.
His tamer, his sweet little tamer.
The Queen held out the child, a profound smile gracing her lips. As expected, the girl had hair as white as snow, her round eyes the color of a raging storm. Her skin was a soft pale, tinted a slight red.
”Jareth.” His own mother called out, himself feeling her fingers brush along his cheeks. ”You’re crying.”
Happiness overwhelmed him, he was finally complete.
Looking at the girl, Jareth took her into his arms, and for the first time, communicated with only her.
”I have waited seventy years for you, little one. I am Jareth.”
Since then, the two have proven to have a bond stronger than anyone. Jareth being the first hydra to see his tamer before birth, he practically raised her. Teaching her what all he knew, telling her of his loneliness without her. How they would always have each other.
Ninety-eight years had passed. Each spent in love, spent in the glorious illusion, that everything was alright.
A morning had passed, a tired Wright barely waking from her slumber. Though upon awakening, she felt cold. Like she was lacking a big piece of her heart. Immediate fear sank in, causing her to run a through the corridors of the castle, her lungs pushing air out to allow her cries to carry far.
Jareth had gone.
There was no warning, nothing that seemed out of place, he was just, gone. The telepathy connection was blocked, though she could still feel that he was alive. But in what condition?
Wright had finally began to realize, what it felt like to be without her other half. To feel exactly how Jareth felt before she was brought to life.
Since then, Wright has left her home, searching for her dragon. Asking different worlds, exposing herself to dangers she never knew of.  Though on a time limit. To fulfill her duties as a Royal Princess, Wright was given a limit of ten years to find him. With or without him, Wright must return to Zuinus and become Queen.
Ten years in, her search continues, and her determination to find him grows with each passing day.

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P e r s o n a l i t y ;
Wright has always been a girl of few words. She embraces silence more than one should. Ever since Jareth had gone missing, Wright has shut herself off from the world. She no longer desires to see beauty. She no longer cares to have companions beside her. This once caring girl, has turned to this emotionless shell. The only way to stir her for a visible reaction, is by the bad mouthing of her dragon, or the thought that she just might be close to him. She rarely expresses how she feels on the inside, always carrying a face that remains expressionless. As stubborn as she can be, there are times when she slips. Tears fall, her anger shows, or if something good happens, the girl will act like how she used to. Though it quickly fades once she regains her composure. Wright can be an overly sensitive person. Small things can play into her feelings, causing her to act out. Though if she can help it, she won’t show it. She’ll keep to herself unless provoked.
S t r e n g t h ‘ s ;
Overall, Wright is not a very strong female, physically. She’s had her training in basic combat. though she still relied on Jareth to protect her. Her strength lies within her determination to keep living, as well as to keep pushing forward until she gets her desired outcome.

W r i g h t ‘ s  A p p e a r a n c e ;
Wright is a petite woman, standing at a good five feet tall. As stated prior, her hair is the color of snow, and her eyes are an ashy grey.
She is usually wearing her royal robes, the beautiful woven cloth usually coming in white, or a soft grey. On her adventures, she chooses to wear simple dresses, which she makes herself if given the material.
Upon her skin, black tattoos of dragons and tribal markings make their home. Riddling across her arms, legs, and midsection. These markings represent where she is from, and who she is.

J a r e t h ;


D r a g o n   F o r m

In his hydra form, Jareth is fairly large. At his largest he reaches over thirty stories tall, though this has only been witnessed once. His scales glimmer a snow fallen white, with talons sharpened for hunt. Being a shape shifter, Jareth can choose how he presents himself. Taking on a softer, kinder looking form when casually residing in his hydra shape, or fierce looking, large and ready for battle.


H u m a n o i d ;
Jareth is over six feet tall, his eyes are compared to that of gold when feeling intense emotion. They rest at an icy cyan otherwise.  Figure is a taut strong one.
His hair of course, is white, matching Wright’s. On his upper right arm, he bears the same dragon tattoo Wright has on her own body, another way of resembling their connection.
Before he disappeared, Jareth was also one to wear his imperial robes. Though his current attire is unknown.
P e r s o n a l i t y ;
Jareth can be described as a brooding male. Though he is quite popular with others. Being very protective of Wright, he is quick to make enemies if such person were deemed as a threat to her. He is a caring  person, usually ready to spit his wisdom at anyone.



R U  L E S  and  N O T E S!

No racism is implied when defining ranks. There are no lesser beings. It is defined mainly by hair color and dragon hide. The people of Dwarf Zuinus range from many different races. Also, love everyone. <3

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