Tenbatsu Ri (others)

Who Am I...

I am alot of people i have a few chars. My main is Tenbatsu Ri

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

All chars are single

My Story Is...

(Tenbatsu) Born to Demond And Bella Ri in a long line of powerful magic users on the planet Septoris. His family were considered gods by the populace  along with other family’s that had powerful magic in there blood line although they knew other wise and did not act like gods . His family was able to manipulate chaos to an extent for it was always hard to control. Ten being the second to master quick manipulation of chaos like the first head of his clan. Ten considers himself more of a mage seeing as he has a hand of all from of magic and energy manipulation. He left his home planet to explore and to learn how far he can take his magic and his knowledge of things.

My Appearance

(Tenbatsu)  black hair about shoulder length, BLue jeans and black boots with a gray t-shirt with a black cloak with a hood attached (think organization 13), Dragon tattoo on right arm, Mark of the desond on his left shoulder and fairy tail guild mark on his left hand. Both hands are covered by gloves


(Tenbatsu) A lot of things hear are a few items. Back bag with pocket dimension attached to it,  Blade of chaos, elemental orbs, book of spells,orichcalcum shard, , Keyblades.


My Secrets Are...

None that i am willing to shair

I Believe...

That everything ends