Hjördis Níðhöggrdóttir


A hall I saw,

far from the sun,

On Nastrond it stands,

and the doors face north,

Venom drops

through the smoke-vent down,

For around the walls

do serpents wind.

I there saw wading

through rivers wild,

treacherous men

and murderers too,

And workers of ill

with the wives of men;

There Nithhogg sucked

the blood of the slain,

And the wolf tore men;

would you know yet more?


From below the dragon

dark comes forth,

Nithhogg flying

from Nithafjoll;

The bodies of men

on his wings he bears,

The serpent bright:

but now must I sink.


Who Am I...

Daughter of Níðhöggr

My Appearance

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A young, muscular woman: Hjordis’ body is scarred from numerous battles she had from her time on earth. She has dirty, auburn hair, pale skin, and green eyes. Additionally, she is usually seen with war-paint, of one form or another, either a few lines around her eyes and chin, or almost full coverage, with a single strip of flesh visible through the blue paint, across her right eye.


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Armour: A combination of layered, scale shaped plates to protect her arms, thick leather to bring the whole thing together, and some larger plates, acting as a breastplate, and as greves.