Xalma Nighstan

Who Am I...

I am the brother of Maldax Nighstan and a Jedi Knight

Romantic Interests

I do not have any interests.

My Story Is...

As Maldax may have said, he was not an only child. We both lived on the streets and we were both born with the force. He chose to dabble in the Vaapad and Juyo, causing him to use power from the Darkside. He left Luspubuth in search of power and a fight that could match him. I stayed behind on Luspubuth and became a part of the Jedi order. I have heard years later now that he has committed great crimes against the Jedi. As his brother it falls to me to bring him to justice. I will not fail in my mission. I never do.

My Appearance

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I carry only my custom blue lightsaber.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

That the Jedi will prevail.