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Name: Xander Grimgaurd


Age: 25





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Xander was born and raised on a planet called Earth. Yes, that Earth. The one where everyone is normal and the most out of the ordinary thing on the planet is if someone manages to outlive the average lifespan by 10 or 20 years. Xander was just as ordinary as everyone else. He worked, he lived, he played an unhealthy amount of videogames, and he wished that he could find anything at all to take away all of the monotony from his life. What he didn’t know was that people shouldn’t make something as dangerous as a wish without knowing who or what might be listening. One moment he was settling down to sleep for the night, the next he was waking up in the middle of some forested area staring at a floating red square in front of his face. One that had the message [Welcome New Player. Congratulations on becoming The Gamer.] written on it in bold text.


Xander spent a few weeks getting his bearings on Hellifyno, the planet he’d landed on after first gaining his powers.  There was much to learn about the new abilities, and even more to learn about the strange planet filled with supernatural creatures of every variety.  The Gamer found that he was also highly susceptible to portals, falling through them at random and being spat out across the multiverse.  These events would occur regularly enough that he came to expect them, though he never learned how to exit them properly without being flung at high speeds from the exit points.


At one time, Xander was dropped nearby a goddess of death known as Shadow, who was willing to give the new adventurer a quest.  Sending him into a realm of death that she had control over in order to recover an artifact she could not pull from that realm, Xander valiantly ventured into the pocket dimension to complete the quest.  After facing down a dragon that required him to sing in order to pass by, something the Gamer had not expected in the least, Xander was able to retrieve the artifact and escape the realm with Shadow’s help.  In exchange for the successful quest, he received the Crown of Death.





Another time, Xander was spat out in an unnamed forest nearby an ancient temple.  Bolstered by his recent success and the Crown of Death, the Gamer felt confidant enough to do a bit of dungeon crawling and explore the temple.  It turned out to be a heavily trapped tomb, filled with undead and with a powerful undead Dragon Priest locked away inside.  Though Xander fought the ancient spellcaster to a standstill and managed to claim the vast hoard of treasure within the tomb, he was unable to reseal it after him, leaving the Dragon Priest free to escape confinement.











Soon after, the brave adventurer was dropped on the Rook Islands, where he rescued a young woman by the name of Liliana Flint.  She had just escaped capture by a group of pirates led by a man named Vaas, and the pair of them were swept up in an ongoing civil conflict on the islands between the pirates and a group of native warriors known as the Rakyat.  Though the conflict was long and bloody, by working together to break Vaas’s control over the islands he and Liliana managed to put an end to Vaas and the man who he was working for in the shadows.  A man by the name of Hoyt.






Recovering information on Hoyt, an infamous drug lord, slave merchant, and arms dealer from the numerous safe houses dotting the islands, Xander and Liliana discovered that the man had another underling who was using the power of his position to control an underdeveloped country in the Himalayas known as Kyrat.  The pair traveled to the country undercover with the intention of shutting down this underling, named Pagan Min, to finally find closure to the conflict that had ruled their lives for weeks.  On arrival in Kyrat, Xander and Liliana were captured and held prisoner by the armed forces of Pagan, who had declared himself king of Kyrat.  Rescued soon after by rebels, an organization known as the Golden Path, the pair aided the rebels in shutting down the drug and propaganda operations of Pagan in an effort to depose the tyrant.  They soon discovered though that Pagan had been ruling justly for years, and that the Golden Path were seeking to overthrow him so that they could seize power for themselves.  After Liliana was shot because of the rebels, Xander went on a rampage, destroying the entirety of the Golden Path almost single handedly in revenge.



Weeks after, once Liliana had recovered from her injuries with the help of the best surgeons that Pagan could employ, reports began coming in about possible Golden Path rebel activity once again rising in a remote village in Kyrat.  Travelling there with Pagan, who was planning to lead a campaign against the rebels, and Ajay, a man who had helped Lili and Xander in their fight, found the village overrun with undead.  The zombies were infecting the living with bites and soon the village fell to their hunger.  Escaping from the village and seeing Kyrat quickly become drowned in the undead, the group of four flew overseas to the US to warn them and discover where the outbreak had come from.


The group was intercepted at the airport by agents of the Umbrella Corporation, who took them into custody and gave them an ultimatum.  It seemed that the virus that had destroyed Kyrat had been developed by Umbrella, and that their research stations both there and in Raccoon City had lost containment, resulting in the outbreaks.  Tasked with retrieving a sample of the virus still held within the labs in Raccoon City or being executed, the group was transported to the city and began their search.


Pagan was killed soon after they began, pulled through a window by a mutated creature with an elongated prehensile tongue, and Xander was bitten and infected by the zombies.  Hurrying to find the sample of the virus in the hopes that there might be a cure, the Gamer almost died to the necrotic virus coursing through his system.  With the help of his own [Necrotic Resistance] skill and an cop by the name of Leon Kennedy, Xander was able to survive the infection until the team was picked up by Umbrella once again.


Having retrieved the sample, and been infected with it himself, Xander became a test subject of Umbrella as they struggled to learn why he had been able to survive the plague without succumbing to mutation.  Little did they know that he had been mutated internally, and they decided to inject him with another virus known as the G-virus.  Breaking free of their restraints, Xander was too late to stop Umbrella from injecting Liliana with a new variant of the T-Virus meant to create a controlled superhuman weapon.  He fought her to keep her from hurting herself or the others on the team, and they eventually managed to subdue her and recover the research data of the virus before escaping Umbrella’s research station and informing the US government of what they’d discovered.



In exchange for working on a cure to the virus in Liliana’s blood, the US government contracted the team of Xander, Liliana, Ajay, and Leon to go to a village in Spain, where the President’s daughter has been kidnapped and recover her.  There they find that much of the population of the village has been infected with a parasite called Las Plagas and were being mind controlled by the leaders of a local cult called Los Illuminados.  Osmund Saddler, the leader of Los Illuminados, had created a plan to use the parasite and the President’s daughter to infect the highest branches of government and begin a takeover of the planet.  The team managed to rescue Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter, and were making their escape when Saddler attacked them by mutating himself into a horrific monster using the parasites.  The team fought the monster and destroyed it, but not before Liliana was pulled under the water as the helicopter holding the rest of the team was evacuating.





Weeks later, Liliana was discovered to have survived and was brought back to the US, where Xander had been grieving for her death by throwing himself into training.  The viruses in his bloodstream had fused and granted him extraordinary superhuman abilities, but it did not detract from the feeling of failure at not being able to save Lili.  When he learned that she was still alive, he rushed to the President to discover if he had made good on the deal to create a cure for the controlling virus.  But the President reported that the entirety of the incident in Raccoon City, including the research data for the virus, was being swept under the rug at the highest levels of security for fear of a national panic.  There was no cure and never would be.  Discouraged by the news and with no way to fight the decision, Xander left with the team, being separated from them at the last moment by a sudden reappearance of a portal to whisk him away from that Earth against his will.

My Appearance

Xander Grimguard stands 6 feet tall and weighs 200 lbs.  He has a lean build, but is still clearly defined and muscular.  Xander has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and he has grown out a light chinstrap beard and mustache combo.  His equipment varies, but he is usually wearing a simple pair of jeans and some sort of sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt along with a pair of boots.  On his left arm is an extensive tribal tattoo called a Tatau, a traditional marking of a Rakyat warrior that he received on the Rook Islands.