Kristina Black


Kristina Lillian Black

Nickname(s) – Kris, Lilly, and Mutt

Gender – Female
Age – 26 Years Old
Species – Sealed Druid Lycan

Sexual Preference – Pansexual
Status – Single

Occupation – None



Height – Five Foot Six Inches
Weight – Unknown, Who cares?
Hair Color – Brunette
Eye Color – Brown/Green
Scars – None
Tattoos – None
Piercings – Ears


Mental Status – Stable At This Time

Mental Disorder(s) – Social Anxiety

Quirks – Tends to dig her nails into her skin when she is uncomfortable, nibbles on her bottom lip when deep in through…more coming soon..


My Story Is...

Kristina was born September 6th, 1993 deep in the Black Forest in Germany. Being born in the Black Forest was where the young female got her last name. Being part of the Black Forest pack was different than most and so were the wolves that once called that place home. On the dark night her mother went into labor, the pack was out hunting for the upcoming storm they felt coming. Living in the wild, most members of the pack were wild at heart; they gave into the wild side of themselves and either ran off to join the wilds or stayed and enjoyed what life the pack had to offer. Though the pack was thriving, there was a threat laying over their head, a fight just waiting to break out in a moment’s notice. A long line of Wolves and Witches fought over the forest, wanting the powers and great things the forest had to offer. Kristina wasn’t born pure of blood like most in her pack. She was conceived between a wolf elder and a witch, the two both feeling the need to combine the two blood lines and unite the coven and pack.
The pack had little knowledge of the child coming into be and the witches feared what the child might become – though at the same time, they knew the child might also bring a great change to the forest. On the day of her birth, the female went through a secret ritual, blessing her into their coven before she even opened her eyes. The forest and the ancestors seeing this as a blessing, they gave the young female everything it had to offer, making her stronger than most witches and wolves born into this world. After the ritual the young female’s father got wind of her birth and attacked the Alpha of their pack, knowing it was the only way the child would live – having him take over as leader. Sadly, the older male was out matched and fell during the fight. When the current Alpha found out why he was challenged, the Alpha’s eldest child set out into Witch’s land to find the child and bring it before his father. Reaching the lands, the wolves dared not set foot in coven space; the witches agreed to take the child to the child’s other half and let them see her for themselves. it before his father. Reaching the lands, the wolves dared not set foot in the coven agreed to take the child to the child’s other half and let them see her for themselves.
Reaching the pack lands the Alpha grew pissed, breaking what little peace the leader’s parents fought so hard to start between the coven and the pack. Watching the newborn in its mother’s hands, he could decide whether to end the child and the coven that brought it here or take the child in to teach it their ways. After hours of long conversation, the coven and pack came to a new agreement – the child would be raised by both pack and coven, the only time the two would come together was for the young child. The pack and coven wanted nothing to do with one another otherwise and would never do such a thing again. Kristina Black was given her last name, not only was she taken in by the Alpha’s family, but she was also part of the forest and they knew it. From the moment the young female could open her eyes, she could do things most pack members or coven members could even dream of doing. Most of her young baby life she spent by herself staring off into the darkest parts of the forest, talking and smiling like she knew something they didn’t. Pushing this strangeness aside, the pack and coven would teach her all they knew, besides being strange she grew up stronger and smarter than they were expecting. Nothing major really ever happened besides the occasional fight she would get herself in her youth. Beyond that, the female didn’t make many friends nor created those ties of the heart besides the one she had with her mother, who died when she was 12 years old.
On the year of her 16th birthday, the young female turned for the first time. Pack and Coven came together for the first time in sixteen years to celebrate the female’s first shift. Besides the two groups celebrating, the whole forest seemed to shift and change; trees moved, and the ground trembled beneath their feet. During the change, the trees wrapped their roots around the young female’s body as her bones snapped and cracked, as if they were trying to protect the female or help her through the pain. When the change was over, the pitch-black wolf stood on her weak legs for the first time. The roots that had wrapped around her limbs began to bloom dark red flowers. Pulling her eyes open – a bright green color – the roots slipped from around the female and laid back out along the ground around the female. Stepping over the new flowers she would dart off into the darkest part of the forest as if something was pulling her there and she couldn’t resist the pull any longer. Deep in the dark she found herself in a cave hidden amongst the trees and hills. Inside the cave, she found an old Coven’s ritual sight, the powers within the cave forced the female to shift back into her human self. After shifting to her human self, she moved to the center of the ritual site where, there, something began to change. The candle lit and chanting of voice’s long forgotten began to ring in the female’s ears. Vines began to grow through the cracks and over the old strange markings on the rock floor, slowly crawling towards the female. Instead of wrapping around the female like the last set of vines, they would make a circle around the female as she dropped to her knees in pain. Shifting again for a second time in the same night, this time was much more painful than the first. Her screams of pain echoed through the tall trees.
Instead of having pitch black pelt like before, the fur that grew in was white as snow. The vines began to grow up and into her fur, becoming one with her new form. By the time it was all over, the female’s head and front paws where white as snow, but the rest of her body was covered in leaves and branches. The leaves as soft as her fur pelt underneath and the branches protected vital spots of her body. Within the candles and voice’s long dead, the female couldn’t help but feel whole, like she was finally one with both sides of herself. Walking out of that cave, both Pack and Coven waited to see the new female. Shocked by her new form, both sides weren’t really sure what to make of this. They questioned was she even part of their collectives anymore or had nature turned her into something different, other.
Unsure of how to go forward, both Pack and Coven chose to sever their bonds with the young wolf, leaving her to rule over the darkest parts of the forest alone. For the most part she enjoyed the darkness and the quiet. Even though she was alone, she could still see and feel the life around her. She could feel the pack hunting, and the witch’s doing their monthly rituals, feel the souls of just dying animals join the voices that echoed in her head. Even if she was alone, she was never truly alone. She would spend the next six years of her life watching over everyone and everything in the forest. Her history being forgotten by both sides.
On her twenty-second year of life, the coven leadership changed. They could feel the strange creature that roamed the forest and deemed her a threat, unnatural. In reality, their leader was jealous of how in tune to nature she really was. Setting out in the forest, the coven would hunt Kris down for the next two years. When they did finally catch up to her, instead of ending her life, they punished her. They shoved her wolf side down, locking it away and cut off whatever abilities she had, leaving her human as possible. Alone and afraid for the first time the female didn’t know where to go or where she fit in anymore. Leaving Germany, the female set out in search of anyone powerful enough to reverse the spell that had her so alone, but alas, no one has been able to do that.
After years of searching high and low, the female finally settled down in a small town. She opened a bar surrounded by people she barely knows. After being alone for so long, she almost forgot how to socialize with others and build those bonds she needs to not feel so alone.