æ Xena Vielle æ


Even the night must fail, 
For light sleeps in the eyes 
And dark becomes dark on dark 
Until the darkness dies.

Soon the eye resolves 
Complexities of night 
Into stillness, where the heart 
Falls into fabled light.

A Warrior’s Rest



Founder of the New Generation (of Children of Light)

Gaia’s 2nd Champion

First High Priestess of Gaia

Elder of the Children of the Light

First High Priestess and Guardian of the Valoci Tempelim

Founder and Queen of the Ghalihafiz Empire

First Commander-in-Chief of the Ghalihafiz Galactical Militia

Founder and Ruler of the City-State, Civalo’ki

Matriarch of the Vielle-Nejem Family

The White Phoenix


Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.

It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.

It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.

~Michael Strassfeld


Iris Nejem Co-Head General of the Ghalihafiz Militia

Cassiopeia Nejem Queen of Ghalihafiz

Adopted Children:

Taki Nejem Vanished; Somewhere on Earth

Who Am I...

A Mom; First High Priestess of Gaia, Gaia's Second Champion; a Legend

My Story Is...

Before I came to Hellifyno, I had struggled to find a purpose in life. The brutal slaughter of my friends, family, and villagers on my 13th birthday left me in a state of isolation. I lived in a world I barely knew, living off of the woods, the streets, crime. I was stuck, wandering in the dark, with no one to help me, succumbing to the pain, misery, and need to escape. I made mistakes, the kind of bad decisions one never forgets and always regrets.At the age of…what? 16, 17, 18?…I managed to pull through and say “I’m done with my ways” and made a new life for myself. So I left Washington state and, eventually, made my way to Hellifyno.My journey has taken me to a path I never dreamed of traveling. I am a being of Balance; Stability; Light. I am a white-fired Phoenix, so to speak; the only one of my kind. I am strong, beautiful, brave. I am taking a new step every day, learning something new in each minute of this life, and I make the most of it. As the months have passed by, with the help of the ever-so bright and beautiful Gaia – My Light, My Goddess, My Entity – I have faced many dangers which have helped me grow into something special. And, in return for my dedication to Her, by some miracle, some twist of fate, I have been made Her ultimate Preacher, Powerhouse, Healer, and Guardian. By some miracle of the Light, I found my way Home; I found Gaia, and She found me.Through out the years, I have evolved from a simpleton to a mighty follower of Gaia. I have been criticized and put down by many who opposed my views and did not understand me. But I swore to myself that I would not let foul thoughts get in the way of my duty of protecting Hellifyno. I swore that I would love and protect this planet until the day I died, never giving up.And that is exactly what I did.On September 9th of 2013, I gave my life to save the people of Hellifyno from a destruction of AM gas, flooding the Eastern Continent. Before it could reach and harm Civalo’ki, I summoned the will of Gaia and the power within me, the true, real, Raw power I was born to have, and created a powerful Storm. It was purely driven by my Light and by Nature, stopping the AM in it’s tracks. The two forces collided and canceled each other out, eliminating the threat of world-wide destruction.By giving up my life…my Life Essence, my Energy, my Soul and my Spirit, I saved the planet for one last time, leaving the future of the Children of Light in the hands of Michael Zagurian. It is now up to them and my progeny, Iris and Cassiopeia, to continue the path I have laid out for them. Through them, my memory and legacy shall live on.Now I rest in Gaia’s Realm, watching over Hellifyno and it’s heroes, waiting for my Essence to reincarnate as my spirit lives on through the central icon of my foundations and legacy – the Valoci Tempelim.

My Appearance

Appears… 28Height: 5’7″Skin: Fair, IvoryEyes: A Vivid Icy BlueHair: Long & BlackAdditional Details: Xena obtained a collection of scars along her forearms (elbow to wrist) due to her experiences within the now destroyed city, Olde Watch. The most occurring marks are a series of cuts, surprisingly thin and painful to touch. The most noticeable scars, however, include a small set of missing burnt flesh singed on the edges, creating crevices in the skin.


– a Vielle Family Heirloom Ring on her Right Index Finger—– Gifted to Iris Nejem, as a reminder of her heritage and her strengths– a Flame Colored Coral Phoenix Bracelet from Aali Nejem—– Gifted to Cassiopeia Nejem as an official Jewel-Crown of the Throne