Who Am I...

The names Kage (Its pronunced Ka-geh) but I'm also known as Xeno, call me which ever one you like.

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My Story Is...

Death (Xeno) is a 20yr old demon male but in demon years, he is 2110yrs old. When he was young he was tortured by the Demon king himself, as he got older the Demon king ripped out his right eye and gave him his eye just to torture him. But his plan backfired on him, instead of the torture it only gave him a increasingly boost of power. Not long after that had happened he mastered that power and killed the Demon king himself. He escaped the demon realm and as a years past he was bitten by a vampire which turned him into a vampire as well. So now he is a demon and a vampire hybrid, the mix between the two gave him a extra boost of power when he is in his normal form.

He tends to act cold towards other people that he does not know that well so he tries to push others away from him to keep him from opening up. So that’s mostly why he acts colds towards others, but if he happens to get close towards you he’ll treat you like family. Though he never had a family so he doesn’t know what that feels like but you get the idea. He’ll give his life protecting you if it needs to come to that and he’ll be there for you if you ever need him.

He is able to control the energy around him which allows him to use this power to make ki blast or known as energy blast that can destroy a planet, if charged long enough. He can also use this energy for teleportation, flying, and transformations such as his demon form and his vampire form and his vampire bat form, this form increases his agility. He is also able to sense other peoples energy around him which allows him to teleport towards them if need be.

Since he is a demon and a vampire his eyes change with that so when he his in his demon form. His eyes are gold which gives him a boost of strength and energy control also giving him black flames that can burn anything it touches, this flame happens to be the Demon kings black demon flame. The flame can move anywhere on his body which increases his protective instincts which can act as a shield for his body. His vampire form, his eyes are red which increases his speed and agility and since he is a vampire this allows him to regenerate even the most severe wounds. But he is only able to regenerate when he is in his vampire form.

My Appearance


He has black hair and a all black jacket that extends up to his mouth and black combat jeans with black combat boots with fingerless black gloves. He has a eyepatch stitched on his right eye that keeps his demonic powers in check. When he is in his normal form his eye color is blue with black pupils, but If he takes off his eyepatch on his right eye, his eye will show a pure black eye with red pupils (He pretty much looks like Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul but with black hair instead of white). This change will increase his abilities tenfold which allows him to fight even the strongest fighters.
Demon Form
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Vampire Form

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Vampire Bat Form 

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Devils Eye Form (Example to what his eye would look like)

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A mask that increases his ability’s which was given to him by Ruby herself, though he tries not to use it. He also has a one strap bag which carry’s knifes and other sorts of weapons and equipment, like medicine and healing potions. He uses the healing potions when he can’t switch over to his vampire side to regenerate.

My Secrets Are...

There is none

I Believe...

Even gods can fall to a mortal