Intro Video


“The deeper the darkness the more dazzling the light shines!” – Izuku Midoriya

Who Am I...

Kassia Viva Everly [goes by Everly]

Romantic Interests

"I like boys and girls!"

Relationship Status

"Very much taken." *she paused* "By Pierre."

My Story Is...

“I don’t feel comfortable sharing that yet, but I will soon, I promise!”
I’m the nosy narrator and I’ll tell you anyway right now.
” Fine, go ahead.”
Everly is a sweet loving girl, she is very sparkly and optimistic. But extremely feisty and slightly sour if you don’t know her. But unfortunately, her story isn’t very bright. She was born into a very poor, abusive family. Her mother died when she was four and her father has an obvious drinking problem. Her little sister died from unexpected causes. Everly doesn’t like it when you threaten her, and when find a way to take revenge secretly. She looks for weak spots and targets them. But she’s extremely sweet otherwise. Everly is the type who doesn’t really like surprises, but will appreciate the effort you put into them. She likes to be prepared. This is because of the sudden beatings she used to get when she was younger, so she always has her guard up, to be safe. Sometimes you have to be careful around her because she often pickpockets people. Everly is the species of a light witch.

My Appearance

Orange hair,
Sparkly Green eyes,
Peach colored skin, slightest bit tanned,
Stands at 5’7 feet, and weighs 110 pounds


“I don’t have much.”

My Secrets Are...

“I won’t tell!” *giggles slightly*

I Believe...

"Life is sweet, but the people you encounter in it may be sour."