Liao Xia


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My Story Is...


From the day I was born, I was set to be a concubine of the Emperor. My father wanted to get within his good graces, and I was a way to achieve this. When I was with the advisors of the court, I was always being groomed to look (and act) my best. But kids will be kids, and my oldest brother did not approve of the constant watch that was put over me; seeking to teach me more practical things, things that only men traditionally learned- Fighting. It was nothing much, sloppily taught lessons in secret, the absolute basics of hand to hand. There was no time for anything else, for by the time I was 15, I was shipped off to the Emperor.

The luxury- the beauty- the magnificence of it all was overwhelming, to say the least. But even the splendour of the Emperor couldn’t satisfy the lingering thoughts of typical teenage rebellion, I was a seeker of a thrill, a true rush of adrenaline. And I was given the chance to fulfil this desire one night, when an intriguing man came to court. A former Shaolin warrior- or so he claimed. Perhaps it was selfish of my, to not fulfil my…duties, to the emperor, but at night, I would sneak out, into the town, and in the man’s home, we would practise for hours, teaching me more than the basics, I was learning more and more of Kung Fu, and after a year, we progressed, and two weapons I was gifted from my new friend: A pair of Hookswords. 4 years we spent training in secret. 4 years of circular motions, stabbing, linking together and swinging. To avoid suspicion from the members of the court, I returned early, and returned to my duties as soon as possible…

However sometimes, despite what we expect, some of our secret skills can come into play.

Assassins, from a foreign land broke into the palace and attempted to murder the emperor, stealing artefacts, and killing his relatives as they stormed the building…Though, something was peculiar about them. Embers leapt from their finger tips, and fire danced in their hands, they must have been devils, come to destroy our prosperous lands, I thought when I was younger. but now, I am so much wiser. Rushing to my quarters, I slid my weapons from their case, and engaged with one of the plunderers, dancing with my blades, the already wounded man fell before me. a book, with strange words of a language I had not seen before, cautiously, I read. And it must have been some strange incantation, for before my eyes opened up a swirling vortex of black and blue. 4 more men burst into the room at that moment. and I made a choice that both granted me great boons, and deep curses. I ventured to Hellifyno, through the portal…

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From there, my life modernised rapidly, the strange wonders of our world, were god-like, holograms, weapons that fired light, and buildings that touched the sky… But over time, I developed a new hobby, traversing the urban terrain as quickly as possible gave me such a rush, and fuelled my desire a group of people introduced me to the apparent sport- ‘parkour’.

Now, at 21, it appears i’ll have to flee again, as the world crumbles…

My Appearance

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