Lily Ann Black (Lady W.Duskore)

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My Story Is...

I was raised by my uncle/father after i was left at my family home in Sprout on the second full moon after the first snows had fallen.

i had a privileged upbringing though due to my parentage i was shunned amongst those within the community and my uncle/father took alot of  bother because of that but i was blood as such. i have a older cousin/brother called Reullin and one who is younger called Rannulf.

i was educated in music, drawing, botany , ‘gentle’ studies suited for a Lady to learn but i wanted the more military training my brothers where getting. Tired of the restraints of home life and of conforming to be a lady i managed to convince my mother/aunt to send me away to study.

At 15 i was grated that permission and i did go away to study further in Ar’lies but at 18 i grew bolder and got in with a group of others that where exploring Hellifyno i left my studies to join with them as i preferred learning through practical appliance then to read about it.


Shortly into our travels i feel for one member in our caravan of traveler’s a Auburn haired, green eyed overconfident somewhat proud/arrogant elfin lad called Alzibe Yurvumis. we formed a relationship and within a short year or so we were expecting our first child. Tragedy struck though 8 months later while away visiting family our cabin was attacked but armored men sent to retrieve me for some purpose.

Our home was set a blaze and i lost them both in it.


upon my return and the realization of what happened i went into disappear, not wanting to live out the rest of my years without them i removed my dragonic heart leaving behind my ‘human’ mortal heart thus halving the remaining years i had left on this realm but in doing so i lost my ability to control and hold how long i could hold my shape shifted form of a dragon form but that matter little to me then and now.


in my dark years i spent a year in a brothel before joining a group of mercenary’s a hired goon as sorts but only 2 years of such a life style i regained myself and started to change my way for it was the slaughter of innocent woman and children a act i refused to do that triggered it  for i learnt i had a niece so i could not do such a act.


The act of disobeying lead me to receive a hard and brutal lashing so much my back still bares the scars. i fled my ‘death’ by turning into my dragon form which i didn’t know how to do until that point and killing my abusers and fellow comrades left. given my weaken state and lack of powers i barely made it close to some civilization where i fell and was found a while later by a healer who treated me as well as he showed me a formula to control my seizures that i now have due to the trauma and if i get ‘angry/stressed’ the inability to control changing into my other form.


i was the Acting Steward for the City of Sprout, that is when i was there. My Duties were split between trying to find/do the best interests of the City and traveling about the World.


My Family names comes from we were and still are a family descended from Miners and we came to money selling Cinnabar Ore a bright red rock (which some says looks like the rays of a sun set) that mercury can be found within along with other minerals.

My Appearance

I am 5’11”

I was 27 but happenings within the world has aged me a few years older.

My eyes are Cobalt Blue with veins of gray but when they move quickly they glint silver in the light and i have vertical pupils similar to those of a reptile.


Once short but now longer my Midnight black hair flicked with seams of silver graying hair is usually found bound in ornate braids/plaits as custom to the woman in our family.

i am half draconian and half human, my skin is more like the scales on a snake if you are close to look, i have filed down teeth to make me look as ‘Human’ as possible, my ears are pointed but not to the extreme as an elves. i have talons that i keep short.


I did have two hearts but now have one cutting down my life expectancy from close to 300+ years down to mere 50 years now.


Under extreme stress/danger i can revert to the form of a 20 foot/6 meter dragon but due to removing my draconic heart i can not hold it for long and the transformation leaves me vulnerable and weak once i revert back.


i am a magic user though not strong it is enough to defend myself as once i use a spell i have to learn it again before i use it again not to mention it’s a drain on concentration to use and maintain a spell.


Due to recent wars and the inability to use magic in them i have required and is teaching myself how to use a gun mostly a Lasgun and a Glock 34 as a backup.


I have a constant companion i rescued from a snow mountain side a rather mischievous and somewhat magical enchanted Raven called Rigis. i also have a chestnut horse named Jack that stays in my home that i  ride as i’m slowly getting over my fear of the beasts. Newly required a Dragon from a Patron Abel that is just larger then a ferret.

I love music so always carry my flute with me and i love to draw and note things down so usually come with a sketch book too.

My Secrets Are...

i’m afraid of the dark which is mostly because of being alone and not knowing.

I hate the cold if my body temp falls to low much like anyone else i die but more quicker then humans as i lack body fats as such.

I Believe...

'A Man must stand for something or he will fall to anything'