Pandora Ume


Nickname: None Given

Gender: Female

Species: Shapeshifter
Race: Epicyon Haydeni

Marital Status: Single, Never Mated
Sexual Interested: Open Minded
Crush: Currently None

Height: 6’2

Weight: 150 Maybe?

Build: Thin

Hair Color: Dark and Light Brown

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown and Amber

Tattoos: None

Scars: Plenty

Piercings: None

Birthmark: In between her shoulder blades

Epicyon Haydeni


Length: 5′ 10 {Shoulders to Hind End}

Tail Length: 4′

Height: 4’9 {Ground to shoulders}

Weight: 250 Pounds?


Built like a large female grizzly bear with the skull of a lion. Strong jaw with massive canines.


Pelt: Mixed Color of Grays

Eye Color: Dark Amber & Red

Noticeable Marks: Just the pattern of her pelt.

Diet: Carnivore

Preferred Kill: Anything Large and A Challenge