“Move it extras!” -Katsuki Bakugo

Who Am I...

Kora Victoria Quill (called Quill by most)

Romantic Interests

"Pansexual, darling."

Relationship Status

"Oh why would you want to know? Hm. I'm single darling, very single."

My Story Is...

“Goodness where do I begin… Narrator, take the floor.”

Kora Victoria Quill, or simply just Quill, was born to her both of her mothers, Quincy and Sofia. Often getting teased and bullied for having a bisexual mom and a lesbian mom, strangely enough, it didn’t effect her. Quill has had a pretty normal childhood, other than her mums divorcing and Quincy getting with her stepsister, Quinn’s father.
Quill still has a relationship with her other mum, Sofia, but it’s not as defined as before. Typical family drama, nothing special.
It wasn’t until she was 15 when Quill discovered that she was a witch, and she started to unlock her powers. As a Zodiac witch, you don’t really discover what zodiac you potray until you are older. As to a surprise, Quill was NOT a Zodiac witch like her mothers. She was blessed to be the first Futurebound witch in her family, meaning she can see possibilities of the future and exempts other power to be unlocked.

Beware.. Quill likes to tease and make fun of people.. She is extremely playful.

My Appearance

Long Blonde Hair,
Color changing eyes depending on occasion,
Pale white, peach when well fed,
Stands at 5’5, weighs 113 pounds

My Secrets Are...

“……No comment.”

I Believe...

"Stars align when they choose, whether to be fate or not."