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“When we’re all alone, it might be to frightening to bear… but we’re all right beside each other. We’ve got our friends close by! Now, there’s nothing to fear! Because we’re not alone!!!”? Natsu Dragneel

Who Am I...

Korrie Villia Quinn ((goes by Quinn))

Romantic Interests

"I like everyone. I don't discrimante."

Relationship Status

"Single, very much single."

My Story Is...

“Well you see…”
Korrie Villia Quinn, called Quinn by most, is a girl that has a particular story. It was a rainy night when she was born. She was born in a cold house, where her mother had died right after Quinn was born. Her father took care of her much of her life, and they got by fairy well, taking care of Quinn’s step sister, Quill. They weren’t the wealthiest of people, no the poorest. However, things would get difficult as Quinn got older.

Because Quinn was a very.. Well.. Depressed girl in her early teens and mid teens, she had this Therapist to help her deal with her anxiety attacks and depression. But not everyone is as friendly as they seem. The therapist was not who they were sought to be by Quinn, so it came to shock when her father had been murdered a year into Quinn’s sessions with the Therapist, who was later sent to jail.

This left just Quinn, Quill, and Quinn’s stepmother. Being that Quinn was in a deepened depressed state, cutting herself seemed like the only option. That was, until she met someone who changed everything. An angel who went by the name, Colton. See, this particular angel was a healing angel. They helped calm people’s emotions, cure the mentally (and physically) sickened. The angel worked on her depression and eventually, she was back to a normal state.

Quinn is very sweet and tries her best to stay positive along with helping some others with their depression. Although Quinn still has some anxiety problems, she has been doing well and has a quite successful and happy living right now acting in local plays and going to an arts school.
Quinn is a nature witch.

My Appearance

Long light green hair that stops at her elbows,
Light sparkly purple eyes,
Pale skin, but healthy,
Stands at 5’5, weighs 112 pounds

My Secrets Are...

“To be kept to myself and some others until further notice..”

I Believe...

"Not much can happen in your life unless you make it happen."