Who Am I...

I am Moon Satan

Romantic Interests

well, im single, and im bi

My Story Is...

When i was born my father killed my mother bc he was just using her to reproduce. My father is Lucifer Satan. My father only uses me to give him souls so he can become stronger. I am a proxy of Slenderman. Don’t even think I’m easy to get if u want me you are going to have to try hard. I’m psycho. I killed my ex bc he abused me and mentally tortured me. And yeah that’s me.

My Appearance

Dangerous, sweet, psycho, has cat ears and tail, hair color: red, skin color: mixed, eye color: brown with a tint of black and red.


2 guns, a knife, and a rifle.

My Secrets Are...

I don’t tell mine sweetheart.

I Believe...

That ur looking for to much about myself.