Karizma Quinones

Intro Video


you did me wrong..

Who Am I...

Karizma (Riz for short) is a Demonic Child. She has many talents such as weaponry, smoke motions, and graffiti art..

Romantic Interests

Older Males..

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Riz had forgotten most of her past. Besides that she had 5 Older Brothers. -Age Order – (Bazzi, Russ, Xe, Bohnes, & Shade.) Riz also has a very Naughty vocabulary. Riz remembered a group. Her Cult. The Beautiful but Damned. But after her memory loss in 2015, she lost all the members. Hoping to one day meet them again. Though it does take an extreme amount of Trust, Mischief, Honesty, and Care to please Riz.

My Appearance

Riz has Black hair to shoulder-length. Large Grey-Misty eyes. Pale Smokey skin. Has the weight of 96.5. Height of 5’1. Is very skinny and thin. Has a tail, black silk. And horns that can appear randomly or in battles. She consistently wears over-sized jackets and over-sized boots. In her words, “It’s comfortable to have more room..”


She has a red velvet faded coloured back pack containing.. 2 Desert Eagle pistols. Graffiti spray cans. 1 pocket knife. Sheets of paper. 3 pencils. Along with a 20 dollar bill for emergencies.

My Secrets Are...

Why the Hell would I tell you?

I Believe...

That it would be a Sin, not to Sin.