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I am up for just about any type of roleplay feel free to ask


He has mastered water fire ice and wind type magic

He is able to summon people and creatures


Particle magic

Shadow magic

Who Am I...

A high born

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...
  • Being born as a high born has its perks such as being highly gifted in the magical arts and art of combat also unlimited access to magical and combat documents. But all high borns never meet their mothers why because the high born society will not tolerate weakness. Something Yagura hated but he was quick to learn that he can not rely on anyone but himself. So he took advantage of the society by using his access to take in every bit of knowledge that would aid him in his conquest of destroying the other high borns. Now, something that you need to know about high borns is that upon birth they have four different elemental magic that will become their strongest magic. Yagura’s four elements are water fire ice and wind as he went through his childhood he would progress much faster than his peers in the arts of magic and combat. After spending three years building up an army he would launch his assault on the society upon turning eighteen the combat was bloody but short-lived. Due to the sneak attack, the high born society was not prepared suffering heavy casualties only a handful of high borns would make it out alive. Once the battle was over Yagura would take the heaviest guarded documents with him leaving everything else to burn. He would then go on to conquer the surrounding lands adding new numbers to his army once he established a strong foothold in the land he called home he would go on to conquer the rest of it and any other nations foolish enough to stand in his way. Once this was done he decided to make a clone of himself using it to run his nation while he learned new magic. He would also create a secret group made up of the strongest and deadliest magic users and fighters that have pledged their loyalty to him. This group was tasked with hunting down traitors and threats to the nation throughout all of this Yagura became known as one of the deadliest mages in history.
My Appearance

Light pink eyes

Long slightly pink-red messy hair

Slim physique

Five-foot five

Light skin tone

He looks like an eighteen-year-old but in reality, he is twenty-five

Under his right eye is a cross marking

Black short-sleeved shirt

Green hoodie

Black military pants

Black two belts wrapped around his left wrist

Combat boots


Two slim black swords

My Secrets Are...

I wonder who my mother was

I Believe...

If you cant crush your enemy then your better off dead