Yammy The Bunny and Tommy The Bee

Who Am I...

White and orange furred male bunny and a large anthro morphic bee

Romantic Interests

Well.. to be honest I'm not choosey really as long as they love me dearly and don't abuse me then I'm happy

My Story Is...

Full name: Yammy The Bunny
Weight:201 lbs
Friends: Tommy The Bee
Fur color: snow white and fiery orange
Gender: male
Species: bunny
Personality: pretty laid back and easy going just going with life.

Full name: Tommy The Bee
Friends: Yammy The Bunny
Height:6’1 ft tall
Weight:301 lbs
Gender: male
Body color: yellow and black
Wingspan: 11-17 mm
Species:anthromorphic bee
Personality: shy and timid and rather meek though he’s kind and caring for people in need.

My Appearance

What Tommy looks like

a bee

What Yammy looks like

Yammy the Scorbunny



Necklace that tommy gave him
9mm caliber 33 shot pistol with red dot sight
Combat axe
Spare ammo and supplies
12 gauge pump action shotgun with wooden stock and handle
Satchel for carrying stuff.

Jars for collecting various insects which is ironic
Notebook and pen
45 caliber SMG with drum mag and silencer
Machete with a wrapped handle

My Secrets Are...

Hates cults
Despises hunters
Can’t swim that good
Afraid of needles and mannequins

Scared of fire and smoke
Deeply afraid of water since he can’t fly with wet wings
Secretly Loves Yammy (tommy: S-SHUT UP!)

I Believe...

They don't believe in much religion or politics but in each other.