Kailer Tupolev


Kailer Tupolev

Height – 5’8

Weight – 176 lbs (it’s the feathers, I swear!)

Age – ~15 (at the time this profile was written)

Sex, Gender, and Orientation – male, male, and straight (a tiny bit bi-curious though)

Hobbies – nerding out over cars, ice hockey, and car tuning

Career – none as of now, will either become a hockey player or engineer of some sort

Personality – Kailer is a quiet individual a lot of the time, and to strangers, he may seem closed off or shy. He may look a little threatening at first to those who haven’t seen creatures like him, but inside the hard shell is a genuinely good person. (er, person-owl thing) Once he trusts you, you’ll find that he’s very loyal and is happy to tell you about cars, hockey, or anything else he likes, really. He’s pretty smart too, and can use that to his advantage. He’s not afraid to fight for a good reason, but will rarely toss hands, even when provoked. Kailer is calm and coordinated, and when he has an issue that’s stressing him out, he seems to know how to deal with it on his own. He even used to help his father with fear problems. Kailer is pretty cool to have around when you need a problem-solver, or just someone with a cool head.

Abilities – Kailer can summon glowing, orange energy at will. It can screw with electronics like a magnet, act as a shield, power things, move things, and more. He also has telekinetic abilities. Someone with as stable a mind as his cas use telekenesis very reliably, that is, it’s hard to break his focus enough for his power to stall. And lastly, his eyes can “see” things that no human can. They’re very piercing, in all their amber glory, and seem to be very unusual. How so? Only Kailer really knows.

Relationship Status

Kailer is single, and is not looking for a relationship. Please don't even try, this owly boi is off-limits.

My Story Is...

Kailer is Brad Tupolev’s first son, after having two daughters. Growing up as a young brother surrounded by older girls was tough, so Kailer turned to learning new skills and hobbies when he felt lonely and different from his sisters. He found a love for ice hockey and cars. He grew up largely on his own, but he did form a strong bond with his father. He’s pretty new to Hellifyno, and wants to see what he can before it inevitably crumbles again. His father is a Gaian, so he holds the associated locations on the planet close to his heart.


Update: Kailer’s father was killed during an attack on Hellifyno by dragons. The manner in which he died was gory and brutal, albeit quick. He saw every bit of it; Brad (his father) was literally torn apart, roasted by flames, and eaten. Although Gaia gave Brad his life back, Kailer will never be the same. It traumatized him quite a bit, and now he’s dealing with internal stresses and thoughts. Kailer is quite afraid of dragons now. If you’re a dragon and want to be around him, be really careful. We all know how Brad fared around vampires…

My Appearance

For his humanoid form, click here. Click at your own risk. His usual choice of clothes is either the armour in the first pic along with armoured pants of the same style, or something casual like trackpants and a golf shirt.


He also has a form in which he’s a literal Snowy Owl — just giant. Just Google a male Snowy Owlet and scale it up to 5’8 in height. The weight is for you to figure out. Take the weight of a juvenile Snowie and multiply it by his height divided by a regular juvenile’s height, to the power of 3. Why the exponent of 3? The square-cube law. And finally, make sure it’s all in equivalent units. Don’t use the imperial system, it’s confusing. Use the metric system and then convert your final answer to muscle cars per cheeseburger or whatever you use in the States.

My Secrets Are...

He secretly dreams about being friends with a few humanoid creatures, which are characters on this site. No lewd involved, just friends! Maybe it’s because he’s a bit lonely.


Note from Kailer: If I didn’t tell your character my secret, then your character doesn’t know it. You can’t just reach into my brain and pull out the secret, I’m immune to mind reading. Plus, that would be breaking the fourth wall. Stop assuming your character knows me! D: