Who Am I...

A young 11 y/o hybrid angel/demon

Romantic Interests

Someone like me

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m Yancie, child of Bendy and Alice Angel. I get over reactive at times so try to deal with it. I’m not a nice person, so don’t act like i’m one. (pls don’t hate me cause I’m an OC)

My Appearance

Hair shaped into horns, halo right above. Long ways up and down pie cut pupils, no iris. A big bow tied around chest to look like wings. Leather slip on boots and a black and white dress that goes half way down thighs. Completely black and white.


None at usual.

My Secrets Are...

Has the constant urge to kill. Wants to watch those who wrong her burn alive.

I Believe...

in whatever seems to be true