Jason/ Chrome


Note: this was an interveiw for her to get a job at Ominus Rose

Who Am I...

I´m a half phoenix *flexes wings*

Romantic Interests

Females next question

Relationship Status

Alone but someone could fix that

My Story Is...

Oh boy its a long one but the short version is I was a Queen of the Half breed Kingdom but  I ran off and explored I found someone named …um…jared and we captured a few villages but I got killed and someone made it look like a suicide and I got reborn I used to work at fight club as a garbage girl but I quit and now I´m here so what?

My Appearance

blue hair blue eyes pale blue coat and jeans my beautiful blue wings


Wallet, small handgun, knives, sythe, food, more food, (explicit), a rug.

thats it

My Secrets Are...

why do you need to know?

oh um  I´m not proud of this but I was a merc for a while and… m-murdered a lot of people and got pretty badly hurt so I had to replace some of my body with robotic parts…

I Believe...

That a fight must be finished