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Ylva, born in Skellige, is the daughter of a human male and an elven woman. Considering the mother’s side, Ylva was born with the ability to use magic. As a native of Skellige, an island, her domain is water.


As someone who’s domain is water, there are many things that she can do. Something rarely done, unless absolutely necessary, is how she uses the water inside a being’s body against her foe to drown them without actually submerging them. Water also has however limited, healing abilities. Ylva can freeze water to create a multitude of situations and objects as well as a simple frost. She can also heat up water to create steam.




Ylva has always been the type of woman who would rather read a book or watch pedestrians than to have any honest to god conversation with someone with the exception of a few select acquaintances that Ylva may have. Like everyone, she believes that Witchers are, indeed, necessary. But unlike the rulers of Chrach an Craite, Ylva doesn’t despise them. In fact, she was once in love with a Witcher.


Yvla has a tendency to come off as rather rude or uncaring towards some people at first. But in truth, she’s only pushing people away so as not to gain any feelings towards them. The Skellige born mage is a caring soul deep down despite her lack of desire to make new “friends”.


In public, Ylva does what she needs to do when she needs to do it. She’s snippy, sassy, sarcastic, and easy to aggravate if looked at or spoken to the wrong way. Ylva hates stupid questions or any questions that involve her speaking of her past. Ylva is a force to be reckoned with and it shows in the way she walks, speaks, and acts.


She enjoys the finer things in life, of course, wearing a multitude of beautiful dresses and jewelry. But is very quick to give away anything of value to those who are in need, in turn showing her true and caring nature that Ylva prefers to hide the best she can.


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Ylva is a breathtaking young woman with dark hair and bright pink eyes. Back before she became a full-fledged mage after Aretuza, Ylva had small pointed ears. Ylva stands at a height of five feet and three inches. And while she’s short, she’s quite the adversary.


This young female mage wears a variety of dresses. But when she’s out traveling, she wears the clothes of a venturing mage, of course… an outfit with trousers and a good pair of boots for walking. Around her neck, always, is a locket that was given to Ylva by an old, deceased lover.





The sword of a past lover.



Old locket from a past lover.