Who Am I...

"My name is Yoon, I'd like to keep the rest of my name– And my back story… A secret, please." The dark haired male hugs himself where he sits, the look of someone who had been infiltrated mind, body and soul subject to his default expression. "Though if you would like to know more about me… Don't be afraid to ask."

Romantic Interests

This is up for interpretation. Truthfully, Yoon will show affection to anyone who conveys such behavior toward him first.

Relationship Status

Single. There has never been a moment where Yoon has been claimed by another. Keyword.

My Appearance

Yoon stands at a scrawny five foot two, weighing hardly one hundred pounds soaking wet. Eyes that are usually blown wide with fear, surprise or otherwise. His skin is the color of cotton in the sun, but he tans well, it’s his choice to stay inside of his home, where even the dust bunnies haven’t seen hide nor hair of melanin.


Find out.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...