Hope Estheim


I hate Snow(No not precipitation)

Dont tell Lightning I love her!

Who Am I...

L'Cie Medic and Support

Romantic Interests

Lightning Farron

My Story Is...

… I refuse to talk about my former life which was before I became an L’Cie

My Appearance

-Silver Hair
-Green Eyes
-Short Sleeved Yellow Jacket with attached Orange Capelet
-Seafoam green neckerchief
-Black Shirt
-Black gloves with white palms
-Green Cargo Pants
-Black Detachable Pocket
-Grayish Yellow Above Ankle Boots


lightning farron and hope estheim (final fantasy and 1 more) drawn ...

~A dream I had once~ Ah…

~PS the pink haired girl is Lightning



Nue (weapon) | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom
-Eagletalon/Boomerang/Used when dual wielding

Eagletalon | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

-Cure: First Aid spell to nullify wounds
-Brutal Sanction: Calls on turrets and sentries to rain fire on enemies
-Retributive Blast: Call on Alexander’s power to unleash a meteor rain on foes
-Shell: Magic Protection Barrier
-Protect: Nullifies melee or physical attacks
-Last Resort: Call on Alexander’s power to unleash a storm of holy energy on enemies
ALEXANDER/Eidolon: Hope’s Eidolon which can heal any wound but, can only be used once everyday

Ruin: A non elemental pure energy blast spell that can destroy organic matter

My Secrets Are...

… Crush on Lightning…

Yeah I know Im 7 years younger!!!!


I Believe...

L'Cie has done nothing wrong