Allora Edith



My Story Is...



There is much about Allora that is still very much unknown. She is a personalized computer. A persocom. Quite technologically advanced, curious, innocent and naive most the time. She’s always friendly, always inquisitive and wanting to learn, but she’s also dangerous. Her ability to hack any and every available system while also being able to feel, think, act out and love like any normal human being is what sets her apart from the rest.


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He who is known as ‘the One’. Tbc…



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Electricity surges… Destined to strip Allora’s CPU of power, to shut her down as requested. But something wakens within her that overrides everything. She’s hacking her own system, taking back the control, and her mechanics are working overtime to reset and restore that which had been taken or replaced.



My Appearance



Allora’s physical outwards appearance does not reflect her age by any means. In fact, no one other than her make truly knows just how old this persocom is. Her model is rare, unheard of even, and with so few models having ever been made, Allora is practically a ‘one of a kind’ creation. Her body is soft, fleshy, and very realistic. Her eyes shift, whir and something fade to an unblemished, solid ocre color. Her lips aren’t overly plump but they hold their shape nicely. Her face is slightly oval in shape, her neck a slender, pale column that bleeds down into a dainty figure. She’s pretty well proportioned when it comes to having a decent amount of curvature to her framework.


Allora, the Persocom (personal computer).