Because she has lived in the swampy marshes for quite a long time she is not accustomed to some social interactions and has a difficult time interacting with people. please be patient with her.

Who Am I...

My name is Yuka, i'm just your average everyday slime.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

In the lab she was created, an accident happened with a observer, she was deemed too dangerous and left in a swampy marsh to fend for herself, she awoke there with hardly any memory and a small over the shoulder bag with some bread and berries.
Now she wanders, searching for friends and stories.

My Appearance

She stood at 5 foot in height, her slime seemed almost solid with a slight blue hue, her slimey body was almost clear, light reflecting from it creating a multicolored tint.
Being a slime she was able to change her form easily.


She always carries a small shoulder bag containing a few apples, a knife and a iron container.

I Believe...

That kindness can save the world.