SCP-666-XS (Mr. Smiles)

Who Am I...

A Twisted Demonic Jester

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a simple Jester enjoying entertaining the court of an amazing king and queen until one day the king became sick and died months passed the queen married another king from another kingdom and things seemed to be looking up but that was all a lie this new king and his son were very cruel they locked the queen away and either killed or imprisioned the rest of the court including myself after spending almost a year in the dungeon I was about to give up and embrace death but then I heard voices screaming and begging for freedom nobody else heard them only me so I listened and it turns out the voices were from trapped demons and other things that somehow formed a mass of souls they said if I became a host to them I would gain the power to free the kingdom I agreed and thus Mr. Smiles was born

My Appearance

Height: 6’4

Weight: varies

Age: unsure


1. 6 inch razor sharp teeth

2. Reaping Claws that can rip through most types of matter

3. Weapon Creation I can create almost any type of weapon in my body then pull it out

4. Soul Shriek a scream that can shatter a targets soul

5. Matter Consumption I am able to consume all types of matter and use it for energy or as a weapon some examples I can eat metal or other organic/non organic matter then spit it back out as shards or molten globs












My Secrets Are...

to twisted for mere mortals to understand

I Believe...

reality is a lie or is it only i know the truth