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Yumi didn’t know much about her past all she knew was both her parents died and something happened to her memory though this didn’t bother young Yumi as the place she ended up in was a nice cozy and warm house with many children like her to play with. In fact it was heaven for a child, but that heaven wouldn’t last long as the house would soon get shut down and Yumi would be tossed from home to home. Some of the homes where nice and had nice people and ‘siblings’ as the people in the homes called them, while others where lonely or scary as she wouldn’t ever meet the people who live there and only meet the nanny. But even with all that hard ship Yumi kept her smile even when it dwindled away piece by piece with every new home she was transferred to. But one day Yumi had enough and ran away, the last home she was in was abusive and used Yumis natrual talent to learn magic for their own needs. Ever since then Yumi been on her own and tired to keep up her smile in such a crule world all the while using her magic to help others.

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Maybe if you get to know me , I’d tell you!

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