Pre-Genesis Chapter:

Q seemed like any regular child in the past who maintained a cheerful disposition. He smiled and played a lot with his ‘family’ along with fellows he considered his siblings. Being the youngest among the children, Q is easily hurt and enraged when he is called names or shunned, leading the youth into frequent fights or quiet tears. Q can be very protective of those he is close to and he will do anything for them to be happy. And because of that, the boy is easily the favorite of the adults, including the Head, the Father of all the ‘families’ in the house.


Post-Genesis Chapter:

Quinn, formerly Q, is a distant and shrewd young adolescent. He has a relatively cold outlook in life the longer he lived in hiding alone. Having learned to lie and play pretend, he is readily prepared to resort to dishonest measures claiming it is simply survival on his part and that all of humanity plays the same game anyway.  Despite what he believes about himself however, Quinn is still capable of showing concern for the well-being of others, especially those close to him.

Although he usually presents himself as a calm and mature person, Quinn can be quite childish at times. He is very competitive, a trait which he acknowledges from the fact that he is an artificial being, a homunculus, bred and made to exceed mortals for war.

Who Am I...

Q-15-0204-912. He doesn't exactly know what that means but that's what he is called by his long-gone fellows and menage. He prefers to be called Quinn or just Q though.

Romantic Interests

Doesn't know what that is (can change)

My Story Is...

He has lived inside pristine white walls his whole life where the environment is sterile and “secure”. He only also knew his fellows and their household and his own circle in that vast space of white. His existence revolved there, basically, knowing little to nothing outside the area. That is until…he wandered in the unfamiliar territory of what he thought he knew was home and met a stranger who appeared to be in the same age as he. From the individual, he had learned not only what is outside, but also the truth to his—their lives from the moment they were ‘born’. In his denial, he tried to forget everything told to him by the stranger that day. Nothing was the same again after that, however. Having enough of the thoughts plaguing his mind, he decided to do some investigating of his own making, in his opinion, the greatest mistake he has ever made in his short life. He’d know different truths each day, and each truth slowly tore him apart. Experiments, deaths, rejects, punishments…it was all he learned in just the few weeks he pried. He was unfortunately caught snooping around one day, and that was when his hell started. Everything had been a blur after that to Q. All he knew was he had escaped from the clutches of his ‘family’, and that he was never going to look back…or so he thought.

My Secrets Are...

Well…a secret