"black blade" zakaria

Who Am I...

was once a low class unknown pirate saved by red hair now a young ambitious pirate wanting to make a name for myself.

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My Story Is...

as I’m 18 now it’s been years since my clan has been slaughtered. I spent the last 5 years  as a low class pirate I wasn’t that much until our crew was destroyed by one of the three admirals I was able to escape. wondering around in small islands hiding from the world government I don’t know why they are chasing a low class unknown pirate but they are. after a couple months I almost was done for as the admiral found me but I was saved by the red hair pirates. with me owing “red hair” shanks I decided to join his ship and meanwhile for 5 years I trained under him learning the basics of haki (for those who don’t know what haki is.  haki has three colors or you can say it’s three types.  there’s color of observation haki wich is sensing where people are animals as well and there’s color of arms haki it’s basically coating your sking with this ability and it becomes black it hardens the skin the weakest color of arms haki could break swords you can also coat arms with it like swords daggers or whatever object to make it harder or sharper depending on its use and blade and finally there’s conquerors haki wich the ability to basically knock people out unconscious it can also cause physical damage.  the stronger your will the stronger your conquerors Haki as for the other types you can train them.if you want deeper or more details about it here’s a YouTube video )  and developing it along with sword training. finally the 5 years ended and now I’m a lone pirate looking to make a name for myself and during the journey I’ve been traveling searching for something….. a clue of the one’s responsible for my families death.  I still have fading memories of they’re cult sign I only recall something of it…. my ambition is to be the greatest swordsman to ever be known.

My Appearance

a 5’9 lean muscular physique. a big scar running on my right eye to my cheek and another small one on my other cheek. another one one my shoulder and chest from the first encounter with the admirals.I wear currently a white shirt. a black pants and old black boots. on top of that a black scarf o. a leather bag tied to my back with some meat and a cloth to put on the ground when I need to sleep. this is what’s available for now since I have no money or a place to live.


a sword named shusui that I got after I visited the land of wano

(sword appearance and information)

and some meat

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

I believe in will. nothing is stronger than will…. the will to live… to fight… the will to conquer. to grab the world by its throat and make it give me whatever I desire.