Who Am I...

The woeful singer.

Romantic Interests

Males and Females

My Story Is...

I’m not your average demon. I have no master, no higher power can control me, no woman can tame me.
He who waits behind the wall
He who waits to end it all
All that you know, all that you are
He will tear it apart and leave you afar
He called upon the beast to devour your soul
He will take the world and make it unwhole
He comes
Who will sing the end the Earth
Such a beautiful song
Such a beautiful night
He awaits this night
He awaits darkness
He who waits behind the wall
He is the chaotic hivemind
Eating my soul
Making me unwhole
One with him
Chaos and casualty both bereft
With order without chaos
There is no order left
He waits for this
He who waits behind the wall
Waits for the call to set him free
He will destroy it all
All will be laid to rest at his hands
He will make it all his
If you let him
You will let him
He will sing the song
The song to end the Earth
He is the one without eyes
He is the one without shape
He will be the one who lies
He will be the one who will rape
Through this shattered world
Through my blackened eyes
Through this curled fate
Through this world’s revise
I will sing the song
Through me he will sing
Sing the song all day long
For him I will bring
Up bring these spawn Into this cruel world
Of what we tread on
Of which we’ve been hurled
I will sing the song
And it will go like this.
Serenade the end
With the beat that you all know
The heart beat of the earth
The song of the soul
Hold on closely to your heart
For it’s the song’s rhythm
Everyone is the drum
Everyone is the song
He waits behind the wall
In a palace of tortured glass
Served by legions forged by the
Tears of the sleepless dead
And clad in armor
Carved from the suffering of
In his right hand he holds a dead star
And in his left hand he hold the Candle Whose Light is Shadow
His left hand is stained with the blood of Ahm Dhaegar
His six mouths speak in different tongues
And his seventh shall sing the song that ends the Earth
He comes
I enjoy the simpler things in life.



1. No one liners. I’d greatly prefer detail into the Rp than simple sentences, it adds more fun in the Story and makes it interesting.
2. 18+ Gore, Violence, Graphic detail Etc.
3. Please don’t mix ic and ooc, If there’s Drama in the Rp don’t get upset over petty things in the Rp, It’s supposed to be fun.
4. You message you start unless I’m feeling the rush to start.
5. Have fun with it. Add new things and let’s keep it interesting besides isn’t this all for fun.



Gimme some muthafuckin paragraphs bitch! I eat that shit up and fart books! I’ll roleplay anything to be honest but it’s gotta follow guidelines of my moral compass, I don’t roleplay with people under 18. Sorry just a preference, nothing against ya lil fellar.

My Secrets Are...

By the seventh song, this world ends then I start anew.