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  • Location logo of OOC Chat 1368
    active 11 hours ago

    The OOC Chat is a feature that is to be used with caution. It is also a privilege, Not a right. Should rules and TOS be abused , removal from this location will be taken

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  • Location logo of Seductive creatures 144
    active 3 months ago

    This place is a castle where anyone is single that is a vampire, demon, lycan, wolf, angel and creature that wants to find love. well you kind find it here.
    1. no fighting with each other over someone or […]

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  • Location logo of Drelicath 25
    active 6 months ago

    An island nation off the coast of the Southern continent full of magic and exotic life forms. It is an imperial monarchy ruled by the god Kong Tolerith. There are many humanoid races living there from humans to […]

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  • Location logo of Paramythia 4
    active 7 months ago

    Paramythia is a far off island home to refuge dragons, whose home have either been destroyed or taken. The island is governed by Spectra and her second in command, a black dragon, Kyran.

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  • Location logo of Once Upon a Happy-Hour Time 12
    active 1 year, 1 month ago

    A place where we can relax after an arduous day’s work. I advice that no children participate.


    Have fun. And it’s totally fine by me if I’m not invited. I’ll just be hanging with a particular someone, far […]

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