Zander E. Roland (Zero)

Who Am I...

Lieutenant of squad 2 (70 years after blood wars)

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born back in the year 450 bc Zero has forgotten most of his past except his training and his wife from that time. When he died he was sent to the eastern rukongai 79th area. There he continued to train and survive but found he was stronger in both physical ability and spiritual power. Almost 2000 years later he was found fighting a mid level hollow with several knives he had made from scrap metal and forged into sturdy and deadly weapons. He was actually pinned to a wall with a knife dug into the monsters arm and the other in its mask as he tried to keep it from eating him. The person to save him was captain yoruichi shihoen and her lieutenant at the time, shoalin feng. Upon losing the full use of his right eye, it won’t open fully, and spending almost 7 weeks in squad 4 he was sent to shino academy  to become a soul reaper under recommendations of both shihoen and unohana. From there he joined squad 2 to better himself and repay the women who saved his life.

My Appearance

Silvery gray hair that’s spiky and messy, glowing silver eyes that seem to radiate a light at night, strong muscular build that isn’t noticeable unless straining. Wears a normal sleeveless shihoksho with hand wrappings up to his elbows. He also wears the normal onimitsukido uniform mask as he works or walks around. There is a noticeable scar across his eye that runs down to his mid cheek from the fight with the hollow.


Zanpakto: Fumetsu no Fenikkusu

(Immortal Phoenix) grants power over fire and creation of fire, increases healing to almost instant and if he does die he is turned into a large egg made of crystallized fire, never touch for it will turn you into ash…

My Secrets Are...

Ninja never reveal secrets….

I Believe...

Death is not the end.