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Just your basic psychic. I mean, I can move stuff with my mind, read minds to a small degree, and shield myself with my own psychic energy. 

Other than that, I have a talent for the guitar and piano. And I’m a decent singer. 

Who Am I...

Aspiring musician, human, psychic

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

There’s not much to tell, other than that I was born and raised in Persistence. Oh, yeah, and my parents are still alive. I think they live on the coast or something. I haven’t seen them in a while, since I made my way a few years back to Consequence to get a feel for the rest of this place.

My Appearance

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My Secrets Are...

I’m not telling. After all, secrets are meant to be just that.

I Believe...

Pleasure and pain are one and the same, aren't they?