Zarion Blackdragon

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Appearance

Zarion Blackdragon: chaos demon, medium width and stature, mid muscle build, scares long his ribs, long black hair, draconic right arm


Ragnar Blackdragon: Caos demon,  tall yet slim, curvy, long lovely flowing raven hair, dragonic mid section


Jackilen Blackdragon: mischief demon, average height, well endowed, long blonde hair, red eyes


Rosalin Blackdragon: chaos demon, average height, long crimson hair, curvy, dragonic legs


Cassandra Blackdragon: human, medium height, medium length blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, Chinese dragon tattoo on right arm


Sasha Blackdragon: artificial chaos demon, tall medium build, red eyes, medium black hair, well endowed, branded 37 in left shoulder blade.


Chaos Demons may change their form at will but must always keep their red eyes and draconian body parts.

I Believe...

It’s not a god if it bleeds