Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

like guys

Relationship Status

has a boyfriend named mark but mark doesn't really like him that much XD

My Appearance

i’m a wolf i have black fur i have a green chest and back that have a heart on it the front has a zipper going down it and the back is upside down with a crack through it i have green pows and feet with hearts as the pad things i have a heart nose and i have zipper teeth and pink eyes with pretty much snake pupils i have a zipper on both of my legs i have 2 zippers on my left arm and 4 on my right i have a green snout light green in my ears and dark on the other side with a heart on it i have a green line on the top of my head wow this is a lot of information. why did i even make this no one cares

My Secrets Are...

i have a demon thing that’s called dier and he can make it so i cant die but everything still hurts. he wears a black suit and a white wolf mask with a big black smile on it his fur is black and he has weird writing on his legs and ears. he makes it so i have strength and black¬† see-through arms can come out of my back



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