Zera La Fae

Intro Video


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Half a lifetime ago, I had a normal life. A beloved daughter of a well-to-do family. My father, retired from a prosperous military career, became a valued member of the government and a trusted adviser. My mother, a renowned philanthropist known for her gift of music. My siblings – an older brother following in my father’s military footsteps and a younger sister that worshiped the ground he walked on. Things were peaceful. I was happy…until my world came crashing down around me.


There was a coup d etat that destroyed half of the city in one night; the main target was the government officials and their families.  And just like that, everything was gone. My family. My friends. Half of my city in ashes. Through the commotion, I was able to make my way out of the city.  Fearing that I knew my father’s government secrets, I have endless been hunted by mercenaries since.  In an attempt to start a new life, I changed my name, taking letters from the names of my fallen family members.  I made my way to Persistence, determined to start a new life.

Who Am I...

Who I was doesn't matter. It is in the past, so let it stay there.

Relationship Status

Married to Calum Woulfe

My Story Is...

Since coming to Persistence, I can usually be found reading or drawing in the Red Sun Inn or around the city and it’s outskirts. I have officially joined the guild as an artist.  I also have a dragon companion, Tetheon, who does not hesitate to come to my aid or my defense. Recently, I have relocated to the Grimvale Islands, trading the chaos of the Red Sun for the relative peace and quiet of the Dragon Scale Bar…


…but that was a year ago. Zera’s peaceful world came to a screeching halt. Brevard Beauvais, the man who has haunted her dreams and chased after her for almost a decade, has found his way to Hellifyno. Now, the once cheerful redhead is biding her time until she can make her move and rid herself of the boogeyman from her childhood for good.

My Appearance

Medium length red locks are usually pulled back in a short pony tail or a loose mass of carmine colored waves. Golden eyes usually hide behind bangs that are too long to see under but too short to stay put. Standing at 4’8″, her petite stature makes her look like a young teen instead of her actual age of 25. Can usually be found in the Red Sun Inn with her nose buried in a book or sketching in a green leather bound book. A small sigil tattoo can be found in the radial side of her left ring finger.


Her normal persona is that of an aloof artist. However, her observational skills are very keen and she is constantly people watching and taking note of her surroundings.  Her speech patterns follow those similar to the islands around Persistence, but when angered or highly agitated, she slips back into the clipped cadence and dialect of her former home.



A small black bag with a strap slung across her body.  From the looks of it, there isn’t much in it, and yet she always loses things in it. It appears that she doesn’t carry any weapons.

My Secrets Are...

There are no secrets now.

I Believe...

not everything is as it seems. If you don't stand for something you might fall for anything. The end is where we begin.