Who Am I...

Just another saiyan looking for a purpose

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

He his a 17yr old Saiyan/Demon that likes to spare and fight with many people, he’s really excited to meet new people and create new bonds. But he my come off cold at first but if you get to know him, he will be overly excited to see you. There are times he will become clingy but that only happens if he trusts you. He doesn’t have much of a background story ((If you wish me to make one for him I’ll gladly do it)). His powers are pretty simple, his Ki also known as energy allows him to teleport, create plasma blasts strong enough to wipe out a planet. His energy also allows him to fly and sense other peoples energy and locate where they’re at. He is also able to do a transformation called Super Saiyan or SSJ, he his able to do this transformation up to 3, which are called SSJ, SSJ 2 and SSJ Demon. He his currently working his way up SSGSS which is known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. He isn’t the greatest fighter out there but he sure can hold his own even against a god.

My Appearance


Normal Form:

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SSJ Form:

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SSJ 2 Form:

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SSJ Demon Form:

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My Secrets Are...

I have nothing to tell you

I Believe...

Everyone is not alone