Zeuxis Galanis


Related imageBorn in Greece in the Middle Ages, Zeuxis had a mortal mother and a immortal father, who possessed tremendous strength and power. Some of this was would end up being passed down to their son. His father was not a faithful man, and left the boy’s mother before Zeuxis reached the age of 5. This would hurt the boy emotionally throughout his life for never getting to know his father, and he would always feel empty inside because of it.

He helped his mother as he grew older, doing whatever was needed of him. The elevated strength would come in very handy, especially when he was still so small and young in age. Around the time of his 15th year, his mother contracted a dangerous illness that would later claim her life, thus leaving Zeuxis to fend for himself. Hard and troubled times were nothing new to him, so he gathered up what little he owned and would set out on a life of travel.

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His wandering would lead him to many places, meeting lots of people and seeing all sorts of sights. most of the time, he’d encounter problems and get into fights with others. But, being so overpowered, he would always win, thus making him a target for those he’d vanquish.
With all that strength, he would not let it go to his head and stay humble, remembering how his mother had raised him to be a kind man, and to respect others at all costs unless provoked by those who were corrupted and evil. Having this philosophy makes him slow to anger, but when he does get mad, those that are the reason he is this way will usually always get what is coming to them.
Image result for atlantis mark addy gifHe is naturally skillful with a sword, practicing often when he has time to himself. It is also his weapon of choice when fighting against another. Yet, as strong as he is, he can fight bare handed. This method is usually all he needs to battle an opponent.
When he is hurt, he heals quickly and recovers within a short amount of time. So, this can lead to him showing off, without the fear of being hurt.
Image result for atlantis mark addy gifDespite his strength and power, his body does not show this. So, it can be quite deceiving when people are sizing him up as competition. He does enjoy eating, and normally overeats when he does. It all stems from growing up with very little, and he’s certainly making up for it these days.

He also spends money quickly, unable to save back much as the urge to take care of his needs is always at the forefront.

Image result for atlantis mark addy gifHis intellect is decent, above average among others, but he does do stupid things on occasion.

His humor is always present, and he is never afraid to be himself and joke around with others. But, he rarely goes overboard with it unless he has been drinking.

And, as for drinking, he does it more than he should. When he does, he makes bad decisions that usually get him into a lot of trouble.

It’s easy for him to make friends with others that have no ill will against him. And, he keeps friends he makes.


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Zeuxis is decent with women, and they seem to like him despite his weight issues. His fighting skills and strength tend to win them over, but he currently has no intentions of settling down and raising a family with anyone. The time will come when he will eventually consider it a good idea to do so.

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Although he is heavily into women, he does venture to the other side of his sexuality at times, and has relationships with men.


Powers & Abilities:



Sword Fighting

Hand to Hand Combat


Quick Healing


Even though he is from Greece, he does travel elsewhere. Because of boats, he can go anywhere in the world.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Appearance

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Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 248 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue


Sword, Money