Ziva Kolar

Intro Video


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Who Am I...

Quirky. Bright. Slightly dramatic and a smidge eccentric. Some think I'm magical or might even call me a mage.

Romantic Interests

Male humans/human-like (21+)

Relationship Status

Unavailable. I am enslaved to my own desires.

My Story Is...

Land of Origin: Olde Watch

Occupation: Herbalist (teas and botanicals)

Random talents: playing the piano and violin. Reading tea leaves.

Daughter of store keepers who sold wares. Father deceased.  Mother alive.

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My Appearance

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Tall (171.45 cm) and slender.

Mid 20’s to early 30’s


Coin purse (that may or may not carry far more than it appears to be possible).

An amulet around her neck, not always visible if she is wearing her favorite high collar blouse. The amulet allows certain magics to be available to her.

Often seen with a heavy book or writing papers and a feathered pen.

A stash of botanicals and teas kept in my medicine bag usually kept in my room above the tavern.

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My Secrets Are...

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Only the moon knows all I am.

I Believe...

Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.