Zoey Tompkins, but also others.

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Hell on earth.

Relationship Status

[Z – Married to L] [L – Married to Z] [V – Single] [D – Single] [J – Single]

My Story Is...

One night, I took a long, long look at my life, while staring at the ever moving shadows on the wall from the window. It’s been one long ride, and I have many regrets. Yet, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. For them. For my family. For Lily and Vera. They are all that matters to me now.
I remember rolling over in bed, and watching Lily. Making sure she’s okay. Making sure every second of that moment was cherished. Lily has, and always will, bring me comfort. Comfort in knowing that regardless of who I am, or what I do, she’ll always be there. It makes me proud to have her as a wife.
Everything that had happened in my life took a full 180 after me and her got married. Sure, there were still things happening, but overall it corrected itself. All that pain and stress and false hope just gone, as though my entire life story was meant to end there. Perhaps it has, and now I’m just going through the motions of some sort of boring sequel.
I guess that’s why I’m making this video, huh? So that when Vera grows up, and when I die, she’ll have this video to look back on as an example of what to do. Scratch that, what not to do. I’m not that smart. Oh, and I guess just to sort of have copies of incase I lose one. Something I can sort through my own mind with.
Thinking back, I haven’t lived this life to its fullest. Although, when you’re born into a family of psychos who wanted you dead since before you were even born, what else can you do?
Oh, right. I forgot the point of this.
Before I was born, my brother Desmond was born. About five years before me. Somewhere between him and me however my father’s sanity began to disappear. When I was conceived, my father did everything in him to get rid of me. Eventually, he decided he’d drop every ounce of his psionic energy into me. He forced my mother to do the same. It’s a miracle I survived up until labor, and it’s something I still turn over in my head to this day. How did I survive that? How did I live past a month old?
I lived the next twelve years with him, with my brother being the only thing I could rely on. However time came that my father had enough. He had Desmond teleport me to another planet, Earth, and had him wipe my memories. Fortunately, Desmond still learned what compassion is, despite everything that was going on around us. He instead put up a mental barrier inside my head- the wall- and locked everything behind it. He left only the memory of Red Sun Inn. From here, I was left on Earth. Lost, and confused.
I ended up in an orphanage there. I lived most of my life there. I was put into school, and met Lily. We came close, and when disaster hit later on down the road, she was there for me. She was the one I discovered my power with. She was the one who accepted me for me.
Over time, I managed my way back. Teleportation became a skill I figured out on my own, and I did crawl back. Lily came with me, obviously. She didn’t want to see me suddenly go off to some random planet away from home.

After some time, about a week maybe, we decided to stay. We stuck ourselves in Consequence and lived there for a while. Desmond also began to reach out to me. He had sensed I had arrived on Hellifyno, and wanted to know why. Although, his way of doing it resulted in the death of my father, a woman that was posed to be my mother, and a lead pipe being stuck through my kidneys. This also made me deathly afraid of plumbing. So if you ever wanted to know why I never go under the sink for anything, there’s your reason. Now get the windex yourself you lazy bum..
Shortly after recovering, Augustus Giovanni had begun a siege of Hellifyno. Consequence was the first one to get hit. Me and Lily had to escape to Blue Moon, where we had to fight to keep everything going there. It was tough, and resulted in me exploiting power I didn’t even know I had. But I had it, and it worked like a charm. We were named heroes after that. A title I didn’t agree with- still don’t. Even when making a speech to encourage a rebellion, I still didn’t.
During some meeting somewhere, I can’t remember where, I was pulled aside to meet a man named Damantin. He taught me a good portion of what I know, and trained me for the next two or three months or so.
Then we made Vietnow. I was only into doing that because of the name. It was a fun little project I could do, and do some good in the world. That really rose the rebellion, and while yeah I didn’t want to be a hero, I was proud of that one. So much so I even decided to participate in a few battles against Giovanni. Sadly though, Lily died during one of these battles. After that incident, I was broken. Given how, you know, she had proposed to me a mere two weeks before hand.
As the battles raged on, me and Desmond had a few interactions along the sidelines. Each time my power had grown far more than the last, with each encounter resulting in him nearly dying. Save for the last one. He stuck a knife in me when we were supposed to be working together. My body and mind reacted to the shock in such a way that it put me in a coma, where my own mind began to torture me. It was hell.
Meanwhile, on the outside, Giovanni’s army had been pushed back. The last battle resulted in his death, and from there, released the void into the world. The void.. I don’t know how to describe it. It was strange, and going from a coma to waking up in limbo alongside some world leaders and some other people who were considered heros was odd to me. However I went through with the motions and helped as I could.
After Twine was saved and everything was fixed, we were all given one wish of our own desire. Me, I wished for Lily back. What else would I wish for?
We spent the next few weeks together, and had that marriage. No footage I can attach onto this one, sadly. We just skipped straight to the paperwork.
Those few weeks we spent only ended after some demon that went by The Servant attacked. To give him a brief explanation, he wanted my soul to bring to his masters as some form of god-like power so they can try and take over Hellifyno. He’s also the reason why most of the forest around the house is uh.. erm.. Burned down.
The Servant had attacked multiple times. Each time he had failed. Although, Desmond had warned on multiple occasions that he might gain more power. A warning I thought he was too insane to be giving me.
Then I found Vera, a girl who I am yet to understand. I took her in because… I guess I saw a lot of my younger self in her. I didn’t want her to have the same life as me. She held no memories, didn’t belong to anyone, just simply appeared in my lil’ piece of forest near the bottom half of Persistence.
It didn’t take The Servant long to exploit this connection. He used Vera and Lily against me. Had them held by knives and threatened to kill them if I didn’t give myself to him. So, I did. I gave up. Let go of my power, and gave up. He stuck the knife in. Then made the mistake of telling me he was going to go back on his word of letting them live- and then some.
Some sort of split happened in my mind, and the wall shattered. All that power I possess, all those memories… Everything flooded in all at once. It was too much for me to handle, and gave me some sort of split personality of sorts. I quickly overpowered him, and somewhere in there I saved Lily and Vera. I couldn’t and still can’t remember much about what I did exactly. I just know that it destroyed The Servant.
Then his masters came, only two weeks later. They attacked all at once, and I nearly died to each of them. That drive, though… The drive to protect my family drug me forward. Rinse, wash, repeat, I defeated them, but they had me just inches from my own life. I came out scared and burned. As my abilities had advanced though, I recovered within the next few months.
Everything after this was relatively peaceful, and while I would go into detail about all of time fucking it’s self, I’m afraid I wasn’t concious for most of that.
I would give a summary, although given how bad I am at summarizing things I’ll just leave this how it is.
You know, it might be a good idea to make several copies of this video. Just to save me time with getting people to the point of which they can get to know me. Obviously I’d only share this with people I trust. There are things I don’t want everyone to know, and obviously I did leave out some details. Details that just didn’t come to my tired mind.

Some additional things that weren’t added to Zoey’s personal summarization, either because they hadn’t happened at the time or she just simply forgot…

  • She had shut down Vietnow Radio after Giovanni’s army had been defeated. It became, in her eyes, useless in quite a few ways.
  • Desmond had only begun to attack Zoey due to his own psychic power dragging him down. However, after dying and coming back through what was left of his psychic energy, he had not only regained his sanity but also developed an odd boost in his powers. Zoey can do the same thing.
  •  During a small period of time when the void was released into the world, Zoey had went to Jude to try and get Vera cured. As of such, Zoey then had to do Jude a favor. She gave Jude some information regarding her goal of killing a god, however Jude took and inch and went a mile by killing a group of innocents in order to find said god. After this, Zoey and Jude had a falling out which resulted in Zoey sticking a hole in Jude’s leg, and later, Jude coming back after Zoey in an attempt to kill her
  • The Servant had returned under the name of ‘Ordo Ab Chao’. He had attacked and took over Earth instead of Hellifyno, only due to Zoey’s grandmother who was revealed to have been there in search of Zoey, word got out to Desmond, and then quickly to Zoey. She had faced Ordo one last time, and upon the destruction of Earth at Ordo’s hands, Zoey had rid herself of another problem.
  • She had killed her father. Not by accident either. All out of sheer revenge for what he had done to her as a child. All those years of pain and suffering… Were all, in just a few moments, inflicted on him- before his untimely demise of falling out of the sky. Oops.
My Appearance

Zoey Tompkins – The Psychic Entity

Age: 26


Appearance (clothing wise): Jeans, Band T-shirts / Tank Tops, Jacket (basic zipper jacket) Razor blade necklace


Hair: Shoulder length (by technicality), Dirty Blonde


Eye color: Green (Focus – Blue) (Insight- Purple) (Animus – Yellow) (Tempest – Red)


Height: 5ft’ 5


Weight: 125


Build: Smol


Scars: One small one on the cheek, right side.


Tattoos: Right arm, shoulder, small, Hot air balloon with anchor attached instead of a basket.



Anything along the lines of Alcohol, or some form of drug meant to attack the mind, or magical attacks (again, attacking the mind). She also has an incredibly large amount of durability, as her psionic shielding protects her from (most) attacks.



Unknown other than physical, as she is just a normal human being with extremely powerful psionic abilities. However, she is still effected by Anti-Magic and ANFE, as they counteract anything that’s not natural.


Psycic abilities (in order of when discovered)

Lifting objects with mind


Focus (a enhancement of her abilities, doubles her power.)


Teleportation (explained in “Acceptance – Part 1”)


Shock wave

a blast of psionic energy going in all directions, intending to be defensive. (discovered by accident in a RP) Can be used as offensive, as Zoey can select a specific point within a 1 mile radius to start said attack.. How ever, the further it is away from her, the harder it is to make.


Psionic Shield

exactly as it says, a psionic shield of energy. Able to withstand most attacks. (Learned in RP = taught by Damantin) Can be used to form around her own body, and from there, allows her protection from most attacks. After a while of wear and tear it obviously gets torn apart.


Mental Resistance

Her mind acts as a constantly defended fortress, resulting in those who try and breach it (Those she doesn’t know or trust specifically) will be met with a harsh lash back that can range from leaving the person with a minor headache, or the more extreme put the person in a full on coma.



a variation of Focus that allows her to do the same thing- only 2 times better. Also allows her to see incoming attacks before they happen.


Telepathic cellular reconstruction (only able to do once a week, as it puts too much stress on Zoey’s body, unless using Insight. Then it’s easy. No sweat.)

Zoey connects to every cell in a small area of a body and reforms it, healing the person in their entirety.



Acts as another boost in power- much more powerful than Focus or Insight. Zoey can enter this when ever she wants, how ever doing so leaves her wide open for a moment.


Telepathic Communication

Exactly what you think it is- communication through the mind. One way only unless the person said ability is being used upon has the same ability.


Telepathic Hallucinations

Tricks one’s mind into seeing what ever Zoey wants them to see, entirely used as a mirage.



Same as Telepathic Hallucinations, only is entirely formed to make the victim feel utmost horror.



Her latest, and most powerful, form of power. The amount of power she gains from this is unknown, but is definitely not something you’d wanna mess around with.



Comically named, ‘Toast’ is an ability in which she gathers electricity in the air (mainly by creating a miniature hurricane above) to form a bolt of lightning, of which she’ll use her psychic prowess to channel this energy, and effectively target people with it. However, if she does decide to try and ‘charge’ this ability by applying her own outside power to it, she’ll run a risk of blowing her arm off if she doesn’t fire it off in time. It’s uh. How she lost her left arm.



Basically a move that allows her to hide within another pocket dimension. How ever, she cant move from that spot once she is in warp. Technically speaking, it’s a way to hide. Not to move.


Psionic Shard

A shard of psionic energy, capable of attacking one’s physical body along with their mind. She can create as many of these as she desires, with the amount increasing with the more power she uses.



Using a mix of telepathy and quite a few other things, she can freeze someone in place through direct energy being sent through her vic’s body. If Vic is in the air, it keeps them suspended in mid air.


Reality Warping.

Used in small bouts- she can warp reality around her and her victim. Although this does not effect anyone else, this will directly effect the victim. So far, she’s only brought herself to torture someone with it once- her father. More than likely, he’ll be the only poor soul to ever have to bear witness to such a power.


Dyers Eve

A last resort. While using Tempest, she gathers every ounce of psionic energy she has and gets really close to the person she’s going up against, and… Blows them sky high, along with herself. This skill has enough explosive force to blast an entire city off the map, yet can only be used in one specific spot. Hence why she has to get up on top of the person she’s fighting. It also takes a good ten to fifteen minutes to prepare.


Lily Tompkins – Master of Fuckery


Age: 27


Appearance (clothing wise): Has a strange love for cutting the sleeves off t-shirts and turning them into a tank-top. pretty much completing that punk rock look of hers, jeans, sometimes a jacket. Very rarely. Oh, and boots. Like, normal, common types of boots, not like.. Snow boots or combat boots.


Hair: Brown, Shoulder length.


Eye color: Strangely, linked to Zoey.. Ever sense Lily’s subconscious was taken out of Zoey and was given a physical form, her eyes have been changing according to Zoey’s. Normally, her eyes are brown. But, if Zoey enters Focus, seeing how Zoey’s eyes change blue, so does Lily’s. Same with Insight. Strangely enough, not Animus.


Freckles: Minor ones around the nose and cheeks


Height: 5 ft 7


Weight: 150


Build: Athletic



Telepathic communication (picked up from time spent trapped in Zoey’s subconscious.. long story.)


Enhanced Empathy

While it isn’t much of a special ability, she can easily tell what someone is feeling just by looking at them. This works even when someone tries to hide their emotion.


Enhanced vision in the left eye, all thanks to Timothy Dane, someone who gave Lily the eye seeing how Lily had lost the original.


Warp – Basically a move that allows her to hide within another pocket dimension. How ever, she cant move from that spot once she is in warp. Technically speaking, it’s a way to hide. Not to move.


Vera – The Anomaly


Hair – White
Eyes – Light Blue

Body type – skinny and smol

Abilities – Unknown

Top – T-shirts / Basic zipper jackets
Pants – Jeans
Shoes – Sneakers

Age – 16


Desmond Foles – Zoey’s brother, the Master of Fucking People Over


Age: 31

Hair: Black, short and slicked back.

Eye color: Brown (Focus – Blue) (Insight – Purple) (Logoic – White)

Body type: [Redacted. Somehow. Okay, what the hell?]

Attire: Either the casual red flannel on a white t-shirt with jeans or the nice tuxedo that he definitely did NOT buy.


Desmond’s powers act as a dubbed version of Zoey’s. This does not in any way, shape, or form mean he is weaker, though… Given how Zoey has the ability to make almost anything look like child’s play. So, to list off the things he does have that are his own…


An ability of which his physical body vanishes, and in his place is a wild storm of pure psychic energy. If caught in this, one might find themselves being torn apart, or just simply flung out of the vicinity of the attack, or perhaps both.

Pressure Sign

A skill in which he fires off a sort of ‘bullet’ through the air, designed to target one’s physical weaknesses and, in many cases of which it’s used, fatally injure them. The exact amount of force from the impact is rather unknown, although it has been shown so far to vary depending on what it is he’s using it on. For the average everyday human being, it would be like getting shot point blank by a shotgun.


Jude Ella – The definition of unfortunate events.


Age ; 29

Hair ; Black, long, bushy, and curly. Soft as cotton candy.

Eye Color ; Yellow (Thanks to some… Demonic powerups.

Body Type ; Hot. [Wait, how the hell did that end up being the- Nevermind…]

Attire; Loose and or baggy clothing, typically hanging off one of the shoulders. Leisurely wear.


Jude, thanks to a deal with the man downstairs that involved her having to collect a god’s soul and return it to him, has been juiced up with some of the most powerful of demonic abilities hell can offer. Unfortunately, this also means that anything along the lines of holy counteracts her powers- until she gets physical and starts ripping limbs off. Some of these abilities are as listed;

Blood Manipulation

The ability to control blood in any way shape or form- Kind of like water bending in Avatar, but far more morbid and honestly kinda messed up as she can just rip the blood of her enemies out of their body as they go to attack, typically draining them dry. Where all this is stored is a story for another time.


A lot can come from this. Honestly? Too much.

Insane physical durability

While it won’t stop a bullet, she certainly can take one with out it being an issue in the slightest. Hell, within seconds that bullet would be pushed back out and the wound would heal rather quick.


Through the use of uh… Doing some… extra work for Satan… She’s gained a few favors involving the ability to summon Demonic creatures how she sees fit- although she’s at a limit of how many she can handle summoning and controlling at a time, all dependent on the size and power of said Demon.


The ability to bring things back to the dead. For the most part, these reanimated corpses follow her every command, although there’s a few that’ll stray off course.


As my ability to describe people is rather… well bad, I decided I’d find the images I’m gonna use for their face claims. As I’ve yet to figure out how to put an image into here though, here’s the link to the google drive folder.



Phone, earbuds, combat knife, and a small chain necklace with a black dulled razor blade accessory.


Phone, A.M Crossbow, 20 arrows, pocket knife, 9 mm. handgun, 10 9 mm. clips for said handgun

Lily does not always have her weapons on her, except the pocket knife is a all the time thing.


Headphones and a phone.


Very rarely a phone.



A.M stands for Anti-Magic, meaning that regardless of what sort of magic/unnatural powers you have, this will still hurt you. Greatly.

My Secrets Are...


-Is extremely good at guitar, but keeps that skill to herself..

-While she shows that she hates being pushed with her abilities, She secretly loves the hell out of it.

-Her entire time spent on earth might as well be one massive secret, despite the fact that she’ll tell anyone who asks about it. Not that she wants too.

-She regrets killing her father. While she hated every part of him and wanted justice to be done- she still regrets it.


-Her father was one of the first casualties of the third world war on earth. Died to nuclear explosions.

-Perfect back talker.

-Prefers peace over conflict.


-Has a strong addiction to Cookies and Cream ice cream.


-While he does make it seem as though he despises his parents, he secretly wishes he could reconnect with them.

-He does, believe it or not, envy Zoey’s power… He also fears it.