Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins

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“Ahem I.. I don’t know if this is going to get out. I don’t know if there’s anyone left to listen. Me and my family have been held up in a bunker for who knows how long. To be quite honest, I’m tempted to evacuate. Jump ship. Head back to where I was dumped long ago. But, if anyone can hear this, I want you all to know it’s not all over yet. Sure, Hellifyno may be a goner. But at the very least, we can hold onto hope. Hope that we can find the world we used to live in again. Somehow get it back.. Someway, some how.
However, this will be Vietnow’s last transmission. After this, I’m closing up shop until all this is over with. Everyone, have a good night. Good luck.”
Vietnow’s last transmission.

Who Am I...

Hell on earth.

Relationship Status

One, Normal Old Family

My Story Is...

Starting Over
Acceptance – part 1
Acceptance – part 2
Telekinesis – Part 1
Telekinesis – Part 2
Telekinesis – Part 3
Telekinesis – Part 4 (Finale)
Potential War Against One Man
Where all hell breaks loose.
Pain (Warning – Graphic)
Sudden Engagement
End to a battle… and memories coming back
Start of Vietnow Radio
Return Of A Lunatic
Everywhere And His Nasty Parlor Tricks / Taking over The Ports (comments are included)
Simple Way Out After All
Know Ya Enemy / Let’s Fight Back
This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About (not summarized)
Fear Is Ya Only God
Wish You Were Here
The Shortest Straw (Part 1)
The Shortest Straw (Part 2)
Heart Cooks Brain
Revenge or Slaughter?
Hollow (part 1)   <—- Made by Desmond Foles, Continued by me.
Hollow (Part 2)<The continuation I ended up doing.



To Live Is To Die


There’s Something on My Side


Fourty Six & 2 (Fall Of Vietnow)

Vietnow – Shine On

The End.
to sum this all up for those who don’t want to read all of that.. Which is suggested that you read, as not EVERY blog was included.. Only key items.

The days on earth…

Zoey had grown up with out any memories of her life leading up to her 12 years of age. her parents never made a effort to find her, thus leaving her with nothing but herself. later, a man named Dennis took her in. how ever, he couldn’t take care of her due to the fact he just didn’t have the money to support her and him. so he put her in a orphanage… reluctantly. after that Zoey was forced to go to school by the nuns, and eventually met Lily, who became her only true friend during her high school years. she had discovered her telekinesis soon after meeting Lily, but she didn’t open up about them until a year later. Lily urged Zoey to try to improve, but she ignored these urges. it was later she had a dispute with one of the nuns about her abilities, causing the nuns to begin to mistreat her, thinking Zoey was some sort of spawn of Satan. so Zoey ran. she left for New York, where she lived on the streets for a while until managing a run-down apartment. then came the bombs. Zoey was lucky enough to had seem them coming and left to the left side of the city, while the center of it was devastated. it was the first official attack on the USA during the current WW III. Zoey passed out during the bombings, and the only reason why she didn’t get trampled by a crowd of panicked people was because of Corey, who had taken her into his car after seeing the situation. later Zoey began staying with Corey after he offered his place out of the kindness of his heart. strangely, they had hooked up over time. and become close, real close. after the park in central New York had reopened, Zoey and Corey had took a visit. how ever, thanks to Zoey’s massive lack of luck, Corey died to a land mine that failed to go off during the bombings, leaving Zoey alone yet again. only thing that came out in some sort of positive was that she wasn’t left on the streets, as she had gotten the house… somehow. soon after this event Lily had managed to come in contact.. by popping up at her front door. they had re-bonded, and Lily had pushed Zoey yet again.. which led to Zoey figuring out Focus and her ability to Teleport. (explained in Acceptance – Part 1). she eventually discovered Hellifyno, starting in the Red Sun Inn.

after arriving there she was exposed the the less civilized part of the world, and later through a flier found out about Paracosm, where she met the massive amounts of Fwufs and the queen.. how ever brief her time was being there. she later moved to hellifyno with Lily in a small apartment building. the day they moved in, Lily had made the first move.. and thus started their relationship.
The start of hellifyno…
after a short while, Zoey was framed for a murder she didn’t commit, only because she was the only telekinetic in the city at the time. she was released after she explained what happened, but was still considered the prime suspect. both Zoey and Lily had swore they would find the person who tried to set Zoey up, and most importantly, why.
later on Lily started her own investigation while Zoey was out. her search was successful- she found who it was. bad news was, she couldn’t do anything but deliver a message this currently unnamed man had-
“If she doesn’t hand herself over to me… I’ll kill her parents. I know them. I figured out everything about Zoey. From birth to when her parents dropped her in that dump of a alley.”
that very message had practically killed Zoey’s mentality.
later on, after this event, Zoey paid the man a visit herself. which led to her meeting her parents, discovering the man’s name, (Desmond), and was told by her father that Desmond, unfortunately, is her brother. after attempting to kill him, and freeing her parents, Desmond had struck back by causing part of the ceiling to fall on her parents while they were running. with Zoey, he raised her into the air and dropped her down on a lead pipe, which went right through her side/kidney. Lucky her, Lily had came in guns a blazing, and got a shot off on Desmond, who ran off in a insane spooked craze. Zoey had teleported them home, where Lily was forced to take out the pipe herself.. which she did perfectly. Lily got her stable, even. which led to her having to try and find someone who can do the job of fixing a hole in a human body that was being kept together only by Zoey’s telekinesis and some bandages.
To Lily’s luck, she found Naythan (not my character..), who helped out tremendously. Fully healed Zoey, except for the organ. The next morning, Zoey and Lily had sworn they would kill Desmond. that they wont let him get away this time.
Zoey had went to the police to not only prove her innocence, but get the help of the police to find Desmond. She succeeded.
Where all hell breaks loose.
Vampires had taken over Consequence.. To Zoey’s surprise. Zoey, Lily, and the dogs had retreated to Blue Moon, (rest of this is out of the stories, and into the chat room of blue moon…) Where they were accepted and armed.. And forced to fight the undead that breaks into the Tavern soon after. The battle weakens Zoey, as she attempts to hold them back with telekinesis. After a while of combat, she ends up exceeding her normal limits, and kills off just about every one of the undead in the tavern. She passed out and Lily had carried her to the corner. Soon after, a light had shone down on her, saying the simple words of, “We Need You”. Then she was filled with a new energy. Even as more undead started flooding in she fought. and fought. and fought.
Then she kills a vast majority of them with one. simple. shock wave.
Then the celebration.
It was small, but it was there. Not many survived, but Zoey and Lily had become heroes, the dogs with them.
She vows to help the cause to free the people of Consequence, but only after she kills Desmond.. but was quickly convinced to join by Lily. They found a safe place for their dogs within Blue Moon Tavern, and from there… their fates were led by hope.
Spreading hope (also in RP)
With one speech given out to Blue Moon and to Red Sun, Zoey had inspired so many so quick. at this moment, all she could do.. is hope that the message will survive.
The second attack (also in RP)

Zoey was about to head into the city when she sensed it – another wave of undead coming in. She had taken the time and energy to teleport everyone out and go to Red Sun.. where she had exhausted herself teleporting such a large amount to said location.

Still exhausted she goes back to fight, and struggles. She even gets to the point where she was pushing her own abilities. Pushing too much. So much so, the pain she receives from it is excessive. Even knocking her out.. But apon awakening, she got everyone out. Just suddenly, and out of nowhere. But.. the Tavern had exploded. She teleported out in a quick little burst of energy, right outside the undead horde. When she came back, she had decided it best to leave. She went through one of Trinx’s portals back to Red Sun and waited it out. She couldn’t fight no longer.

When Zoey, Lily, and the dogs came back, they had started formulating plans to take back Consequence.

After the plan was settled, Zoey went into the city to investegate.. to see what she could scrummage up. and all she saw was more and more hell, constant pain, and a new inspiration to take the city back. To hunt down and kill Augustus.. even if she isn’t the one doing it, she would be happy.

End of one worry
On Zoey’s way back to the tavern after investigating the city, Desmond had attacked her.. which led to a short battle that quickly ended with Desmond’s believed death. Lily had spent that night comforting Zoey, making sure she was ok.
A strange but expected engagement

Lily had proposed to Zoey, and Zoey, obviously, said yes. While it was strange, being in a tavern surrounded by zombies, neither of them really cared.. It happened. That’s all that mattered.

The plan
They would help in the taking back of consequence.
And they intended to kill Augustus Giovanni.
the battle.. the loss..

Zoey had participated in the battle for Ar’Ellis.. only to witness the sudden loss. It stuck her hard. Only thing keeping her sane.. Was Lily. when they went back to Blue Moon, they had listened to Augustus’ speech.. How he has total control over the world. And thus started her sudden urge to revolutionize…


Fear Is Your Only God

And with this revolutionizing urge, and after questioning her own sanity, She started ‘Vietnow Radio’.

the speech..

“Hello, everyone on this wonderful world of Hellifyno, it seems you’re world isn’t as wonderful anymore, does it? As of recent events, Augustus Giovanni has taken over a most of this world, and caused the destruction of two different citys, all full of life. He has been the cause of the deaths of millions. He is also the cause of the very fear that has invaded every home on this planet, mine included. And, I hate to say it, things are looking grim. So what else are we to do? Sit on our asses while he toys with us like puppets attached to string? Hell. Fucking. No. We take the power back, that’s what we do. We strike back. And we strike back and dont hold back. Yeah, a few will die, that’s to be expected.. But their deaths will not be in vain. So, with that being said, Augustus, I’ve got a special message for ya’.. It’s our freedom.. Or you’re life. You’re choice. My name is Zoey Foles. And this is Vietnow Radio.”


Training (In Rp)
Soon after the events of the creation of the Vietnow Radio, she was called to Twine. A man named Novenus (Not my Character..) had told her someone was interested in her. She was brought to his ship to wait for the man, Damantin, who would be believed to train her.
The next day, Damantin had came to her directly. After some training, She had not only learned her true limits, but also learned some more abilities.
Well, what she thought was her true limits.
He lives

Desmond, to Zoey’s surprise, had only faked his death. He offered to help Zoey, at the cost of Zoey’s life, to which Zoey refused. This quickly turned to yet another battle, ending in Desmond breaking his leg. Zoey told him if he had ever to come back, She would kill him on the spot.

Early Planning (Vietnow Radio Broadcast)
Zoey announced her plan to kill Giovanni, as she can teleport to him seeing how she remembers what he looks like, and can use that to get to him directly. She gives a burner phone number, for people to call when they want more detail… She also announces that she’ll be late to the battle of Consequence, but doesn’t give much detail onto why…
Attack on Twine / Lily’s final actions (RP)
another attack- but on Twine. Worce than Ar’Ellis. And Zoey willingly participated. Lily came in later on, senseing Zoey losing hope.. She got a hold of Zoey and drug her to a shed, where she attempted to give Zoey a reason to live again. Lily had died, but Zoey had managed to bring her back..
only to have her die again.. and permanently.
She uses one of Magcia’s maids to go to Paracosm. She brings Lily’s body.
Attack on Consequence / Lost of Self-Control. (half post half RP)
1st mission- Zoey has spell put on her, slowly possessing her. Desmond, who agrees to help Zoey, knocks her out and leaves her for dead.
2nd mission- Obviously, Zoey wakes and escapes. simple take down of Olde Watch’s power grid
3rd mission- take over of the ports- only to kill of the troops defending it from Giovanni’s men due to possession from the spell. Also, Desmond’s believed death comes again..
She was left to attempt to kill of who ever was in Blue Moon, but, thanks to Magicia’s magics.. Zoey was knocked out, and detained..
“They can’t destroy my body” – Pantera ’10’s’

Zoey had used her own telekinesis in a last act to flood the spell out of her mind. She had later made a Vietnow Radio broadcast encouraging people to stand up against Giovanni’s army..

Failed Assault
little to no one had assisted in the assault.. which let to Zoey canceling it. Zoey’s siege of Consequence had failed…
Second Training Session..
The second time Damantin had popped up, He had taught Zoey how to use her abilities to send messages to others through the mind, with out having to say a word…
Arrogance and Lack of Sense.
Zoey lost it all. She failed in a attempt to kill Giovanni. She didn’t even get close. Desmond tried to help, but it didn’t do much. Zoey’s arrogance led to her own defeat… Lucky her she got out of Giovanni’s base before it went south.
Visiting Lily’s Grave
As the name implies, Zoey visited Lily’s grave after her loss with Giovanni. Desmond followed her there, half mocking her, half trying to get Zoey to finally take care of herself. To get her shit together. It wasn’t until Magicia’s own words that Zoey had regained some form of hope…
Comatose / The rebellion finally takes over. (In RP)
With the rebellion finally taking action.. Desmond uses Zoey’s excitement against her. Stabbing her. Leaving her for dead. Zoey was healed by Kida but.. She was left comatose by her own sub-conscious.
The Shortest Straw…

Zoey, while in this coma, came to find that the entire time Lily was in her mind. Lily’s subconscious was basically trapped within Zoey’s. So, Lily acted like a guide for Zoey. How ever, Zoey had come face to face with what she had to guess was her darker side..

The side that had her true potential. The side that would kill with out second thought..

The Side That Zoey never wished to see.

Temporary waking.
As Giovanni was killed in the real world, Zoey was pulled out of her sleeping state and right into a false reality which was somehow real..
Lily was still in her head, making contact. It became quickly normal for Zoey.
Now she was forced to help fix what had happened… as The real world was completely fucked and distorted…
Zoey had eventually helped bring Hellifyno back to order.. and got Lily back. Now all they had to worry about is Zoey’s memories…

Heart Cooks Brain
After a short while, Zoey got her memories back..
And discovered the telekinetic energy in Lily…
“But laying here now.. I can tell you already know what you are.”
Lily decided, seeing how Zoey got her memories back, to explore Paracosm with her. It eventually led to the beach, Where they had chilled out until..
Desmond appeared. With another attempt to kill Zoey.
It nearly succeeded, As Zoey was arrogant in her actions, But was saved due to Lily being one hell of a shot with a pistol..
From there, Zoey used the bullets Lily shot at Desmond (Who reflected them back- and failed) To injure Desmond. After this, and after Desmond’s little speech trying to out Zoey as a hypocrite..
Zoey killed him.

Soon after Desmond’s death, a small group of three had came and went after Zoey and Lily.. Mainly to find information onto the where about of Desmond.. To their luck, they had managed to get rid of them.. As a last resort (in a Rp..) they had went directly to Paracosm, getting medical aid..
To make up for Lily’s loss of an eye, a man named Timothy Dane (A man who Zoey only half-trusted) gave Lily his own eye, allowing her enhanced vision in said eye.. Which confused Lily..

Zoey had went after those who attacked her and Lily..
She slayed them all. No remorse given. No holding back. She slayed them.
More and More training (Rp)

Damantin arrives again!

And teaches more and more stuff. Usual.

He As Hollow As I Alone
Desmond was resurrected by.. Well, Zoey couldn’t tell. His sanity had came back with him. And he released a secret about Zoey’s life that Zoey  never would have wanted to hear in a million years.. Her true life. How she was before earth. The truth about her parents. How she got her abilities. Everything. Every little fact that she never wanted to hear.

Siclides. (In Rp)

Two interactions with Siclides (not my character..) had pushed her over. The first was simple words exchanged.

The second was the very fact that her life could have been wiped from the face of existence it’s self. She had engaged in combat with him, and had came close to having her very existence in this world wiped away like it was nothing.

It scared her enough to make her borderline mute. How ever, her being her, she recovered quick.

To Live, Is To Die.

The Servant had come back… Stronger than before. Stronger than Zoey. But he had made a mistake… He threatened to kill Lily. He had threatened the very woman she loved. It was his last mistake. Zoey’s mental wall had broken, and her darker half was released… And she had enough power from this darker half that she could be sensed from the other side of Hellifyno…

The Servant was no more.


After a few weeks of peace, Zoey and Lily come across a little girl.. The girl had no clue where or.. who she was. Zoey, feeling empathetic for the girl, took her in… With full intentions of keeping her. Lily, knowing about Zoey’s own past and how Zoey was in the same shoes, decides to let Zoey keep the girl.. They eventually name her Vera.

Soon after finding Vera, her own abilities begin to manifest… The ability to create anything she’s thinking of out of thin air.

Twenty Six & 2

The Servant, who was believed dead, had come back and immediately attempted to kill Zoey again… Failing, but coming close. However, even if he did lose… He managed to destroy Vietnow Radio, along with the forest surrounding it.

“Outta gas, Outta time…”

Soon after The Servant attacked, Zoey had brought her and her family back to earth as a way of protecting them… When they came back, how ever, they quickly found the whole five years that had passed on Earth was only a week on Hellifyno…

How ever, This is a good thing! Zoey uses this as the next phase in the advancement of Vietnow.

The End.

Years of mental abuse led to the moment Zoey and Desmond would destroy The Servant. They did so at the cost of Desmond’s life, but Zoey had managed to become free for once in her life… Now able to live her life. To live with her family. To escape.

To find her happy ending.

This… Is the story of Zoey Foles.

A story that hasn’t yet ended.


The servant’s masters attacked.. And killed Zoey. How ever, similar to when Desmond died and was resurrected, she came back- stronger than before. Only, after brutally slaughtering the seven masters, she went into a deep slumber where her mind went out of it’s way to torture her. Meanwhile, in the outside world, the FaE had begun their take over, and drug the world into insanity. When Zoey woke, she woke traumatized by what she saw inside her head. She became a mute. Became reclusive. Lily barely kept the place together. Vera…

Was just.. Vera.

Durring and after the FaE war.

During this time, the Tompkins family was inactive. They delt with their own problems. And helped keep each other’s sanity..

Return of an Ex-lunatic.

Desmond had miraculously brought himself back into the plane of existence. One small riff in time and space, and.. Bam, there he was. Strangely.


At this time, Zoey had begun to reflect on her own life. Contemplating every section of it. That, and figuring out what to call the form of power that saved her from the Servant’s masters. Only name so far – Lateralus


The world had fallen to complete chaos, and from what is it this time around? A small chunk of a planet (Which in retrospect, is still pretty damn big) carrying infectious Zombies along with it. As for the Tompkins family? They almost didn’t make it off Hellifyno. Vera was bit, and they had to watch as the planet they come to call home tear it’s self apart. It still amazes Zoey that there were survivors of this assault, and that people were rebelling. To find a cure for Vera, Zoey had taken her to a woman named Jude Ella to have Vera cured.. Only in return, Zoey had to assist Jude in killing a god and collecting it’s soul…


Messing around with one of her abilities, she had blown her left arm off with a massive bolt of electricity. Fun. This led to a week or so of recovery, followed by the sudden discovery that Jude had been using Zoey’s informants behind her back.. That, and also killing innocents with no remorse what so ever.

This led to a confrontation between the two, which was quickly ended when Zoey put a hole in Jude’s leg and warned her not to use her like she did.

*Rolepages 10 year marathon*


Something happened to time.. and, well, Zoey had to help fix it. While traveling, she ended up actually dying.. Then coming back the same way Desmond used to. Once the situation was fixed, she began to not only question her own mortality, but also look into Desmond’s- and now apparently her own- situation.

Peace, for now.

Seemingly, things have finally shifted in her favor. Despite some unfortunate discoveries, one of which being her mother’s act of surviving all this time with out Zoey discovering her. During this time, Zoey had decided to keep a few notes in a journal that she kept beneath her bed, piled up with a few other books.

My Appearance


Age: 26


Appearance (clothing wise): Jeans, Band T-shirts / Tank Tops, Jacket (basic zipper jacket) Razor blade necklace (same one Dime Bag Derrall used to have)


Hair: Short, Dirty Blonde


Eye color: Green (Focus – Blue) (When using Insight- Purple) (Animus – Yellow) (What ever the boost thing is called – Blood Red.)


Height: 5ft’ 4


Weight: 117


Build: The type of skinny that isn’t all that noticeable.


Scars: One small one on the cheek, right side.


Wounds: Currently missing left arm.


Tattoos: Right arm, shoulder, small, Hot air balloon with anchor attached instead of a basket.


Attitude / Attributes: small bit pessimistic, often times tired,  has severe Insomnia, has a rare Confidence burst from time to time, surprises even herself… Her mind is for what ever reason linked with Lily’s.

Resistances: Anything along the lines of Alcohol, or some form of drug meant to attack the mind, or magical attacks (again, attacking the mind). can somehow still get high..


any mention of her own past on earth will get to her, as she had built a mental wall against those times. Other than that, anything else is unknown other than physical, as she is just a normal human being with extremely powerful psionic abilities.


Psycic abilities (in order of when discovered)

lifting objects with mind


Focus (a enhancement of her abilities, doubles her power.)


Teleportation (explained in “Acceptance – Part 1”)


Shock wave

a blast of telekinetic energy going in all directions, intending to be defensive. (discovered by accident in a RP) Can be used as offensive, as Zoey can select a specific point within a 1 mile radius to start said attack.. How ever, the further it is away from her, the harder it is to make.


Telekinetic Shield

exactly as it says, a telekinetic shield of energy. Able to withstand most attacks. (Learned in RP = taught by Damantin) Can be used to form around her own body, and from there, allow her protection from most attacks. After a while of wear and tear it obviously gets torn apart.



a variation of Focus that allows her to do the same thing- only 2 times better. Also allows her to see incoming attacks before they happen.


Telekinetic cellular reconstruction (only able to do once a week, as it puts too much stress on Zoey’s body, unless using Insight. Then it’s easy. No sweat.)

Zoey connects to every cell in a small area of a body and reforms it, healing the person in their entirety.



Used in desperate times. Acts as another boost in power- much more powerful than Focus or Insight. Zoey can enter this when ever she wants, how ever doing so leaves her wide open for a moment.


Telepathic Communication

Exactly what you think it is- communication through the mind. One way only unless the person said ability is being used upon has the same ability.


Telepathic Hallucinations

Tricks one’s mind into seeing what ever Zoey wants them to see, entirely used as a mirage.



Same as Telepathic Hallucinations, only is entirely formed to make the victim feel utmost horror.

‘That one thing that remains unnamed’

Her latest, and most powerful, form of power. The amount of power she gains from this is unknown, but is definitely not something you’d wanna fuck around with.


Comically named, ‘Toast’ is an ability in which she gathers electricity in the air (mainly by creating a miniature hurricane above) to form a bolt of lightning, of which she’ll use her psychic prowess to channel this energy, and effectively target people with it. However, if she does decide to try and ‘charge’ this ability by applying her own outside power to it, she’ll run a risk of blowing her arm off if she doesn’t fire it off in time. It’s uh. How she lost her left arm.


Basically a move that allows her to hide within another pocket dimension. How ever, she cant move from that spot once she is in warp. Technically speaking, it’s a way to hide. Not to move.

An expansive use of different variations of telepathy, entirely learned from telepathic communication.



Age: 27


Appearance (clothing wise): Has a strange love for cutting the sleeves off t-shirts and turning them into a tank-top. pretty much completing that punk rock look of hers, jeans, sometimes a jacket. Very rarely. Oh, and boots. Like, normal, common types of boots, not like.. Snow boots or combat boots.


Hair: Brown, Short-Medium Length


Eye color: Strangely, linked to Zoey.. Ever sense Lily’s subconscious was taken out of Zoey and was given a physical form, her eyes have been changing according to Zoey’s. Normally, her eyes are brown. But, if Zoey enters Focus, seeing how Zoey’s eyes change blue, so does Lily’s. Same with Insight. Strangely enough, not Animus.


Height: 5 ft 7


Weight: 150


Build: Athletic


Attitude / Attributes: Optimistic, even when things are completely against her. Protective (of Zoey..), Laid-Back, Quite possibly the biggest Nirvana fan you’ll come across, Her mind is for what ever reason linked with Zoey’s..


Abilities: Telepathic messaging (picked up from time spent trapped in Zoey’s subconscious.. long story.)


a strange ability to sense how others are feeling.


Enhanced vision in the left eye, all thanks to Timothy Dane, someone who gave Lily the eye seeing how Lily had lost the original.


Warp – Basically a move that allows her to hide within another pocket dimension. How ever, she cant move from that spot once she is in warp. Technically speaking, it’s a way to hide. Not to move.


Is just a normal human being..


Hair – White (dyed blackish blueish – It’s a phase.)
Eyes – Light Blue

Body shape – Slim

Attitude / Attributes – Talkative, Social, A damn good fighter, Even more music obsessed than her mothers, Has a general sense of what she’s doing

Ability – Creation… Not much detail can be spared.

Top – T-shirts / Basic zipper jackets
Pants – Jeans
Shoes – Sneakers

Age – 16



Phone, earbuds, and a Lucky necklace.


A.M Crossbow, 20 arrows, pocket knife, 9 mm. handgun, 10 9 mm. clips for said handgun

Lily does not always have her weapons on her.. Well, the pocket knife is a all the time thing.



Um. Herself.



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